I thought it might be helpful to have all the various tutorials in one spot.  If you click on the highlighted links it will take you to the tutorial.

1.  My very first attempt at a tutorial From Tragic to Rustic

How To Makeover a Bureau

2. I gave a shot at making a planter using leftover paint stirrers

Pottery Barn Inspired Paint Stick Planter

3. I tackled some updating/retro-izing some kitchen cannisters from Ikea

Free Retro Kitchen Labels 4. I expressed my love of using Bondo as a fix for really damaged furniture

How To Use Bondo to Repair Damaged Furniture

5. My first attempt to use the Blender Pen Technique

Transferring Graphics to Furniture Tutorial

6. I entered my “I wanna make letters” phase and shared how to make chippy, aged wood letters

How to make distressed painted wood letters

7. I’ve always found coming up with designs and makeovers for old, beat up trays to be fun. Vinage Postcard Tray Tutorial8. I got all decoupagy with a picture frame and some old magazine covers

9. I tried to get organized by making a Paint Chip Calendar

Easy Project Use Paint Chips to make a Calendar

10. I got serious about my childhood fashion choices and shared how to make a craft show display board

How to make a display tower for craft shows

11. I worked on a vintage(ish) tool box/flower holder – just cause it was so dang easy!

12.  I made a coat rack/wall shelf using my subway graphics  – but what I really wanted to share was a how-to on making your own vintage knobsFinished Knob

13. In need of a bit more storage space in a tiny room I made a slide out utility wall for brooms, mops and other sundriesLaundry Room Space Saving Slide Out Panel

14. CoOp 28 needed a new way to display my coasters so I came up with an easy, DIY craft show display made out of scrapwoodRustic DIY Display

15. Another fun, easy project for Mod Podge Rock – a little wall organizerMod Podged Business Card Holder

16.  When my friend Aimee gave me an old half-round table I thought I’d give it a welcoming quoteEmerson Quote Entry Table

17.  For Halloween I made free printables for sharing and showed how I made a fun Halloween door hanger out of themFun DIY Halloween Hanging Tutorial

18. For Mod Podge Rocks I found a decorative use for some vintage kitchen utensils and my mom’s doughnut recipeVintage Kitchen Shadow Box

19. In an attempt to clean out the garage I also generated a project using old rolling pins to make a coat hangerDIY Vintage Rolling Pin Kitchen Towel Hanger

18 thoughts on “Tutorials”

  1. Just found your blog. Your designs and execution are awesome! Look forward to all your new posts as I am a new subscriber. Keep up the good work!

  2. Just found your blog as I was doing some research for Bondo on furniture. You’ve got a funny and warm blog going on here. Keep up the good work. I’ll bookmark you and look forward to more fun stuff from you. Also, love the story about your family.

  3. Just found you..ironically thru your post about the My Three Sons house lol..I go to shows ALL the time on that lot ha..then it led me to your amazing blog & amazing etsy!! I’m in awe of what you do! Love your stuff & I email subscribed!!

  4. I’m so happy that I found your blog! I really needed instructions on how to fix a chewed corner on a $10 coffee table that I just purchased. LOVE that you have such a great personality and you’re able to infuse that into your step-by-step tutorials! Thank you for the NOT-so-boring instructions! 🙂

  5. You have totally made my day! I have had an idea as to how I wanted my Craft Fair display to look like….and your display board is PERFECT!!! Thanks for sharing info! AND you have several other ideas I am looking forward to making! GREAT site!

  6. I found your link referencing the downloadable Griffith Lab Spice Jar labels but could only print the image vs download and upload to word to customize the labels Would you be able to send me the link please so I can take advantage of your efforts and reduce mine. THANKS

    1. Hi Rachel. Sorry for the difficulty – I will investigate. In the meantime I’ve sent an email directly to you with the jpeg of the labels attached. It’s a fairly large, high resolution file so it may get diverted to your spam folder so please check there if you don’t receive it in a timely manner. Thanks much! Happy labeling!

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