DIY Wood Letter Tiles
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Make Over-Sized, Vintage, Game Pieces

A brief detour on the way to Halloween. I’ve come up with another (potential) Use-Up-That-Scrap-Wood project! Of course, you may be thinking that the first step in reducing scrap wood might be, perhaps, to create less scrap wood to begin with? Reasonable. But that would involve the dreaded accurate measuring and the even more terrifying planning… Continue reading Make Over-Sized, Vintage, Game Pieces

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UWYG Scrap Wood Project #2

I have never taken a selfie. I can never think of anything to post on Facebook. I don't throw birthday parties for myself. In truth, I'm just not comfortable being the center of attention or calling attention to myself (you may be thinking to yourself "acting is an odd career choice for such a person"… Continue reading UWYG Scrap Wood Project #2

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I Like Big Signs and I Cannot Lie

Well the pantry project got a bit sidelined for the past few days.  It’s coming along – walls painted, doors painted…..and that’s about it. I still have to figure out how I'm going to spruce up this sinkFrightening. I have big plans though!  And all will be revealed soon!....just not super soon. But, I have… Continue reading I Like Big Signs and I Cannot Lie