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Make it Pretty She Said

Thrift Store Magazine Rack MakeoverHow cool is it when someone takes your idea and runs with it?  Well, Christine from Christine and Co  did just that.  Twice!

You may (or may not – no pressure) recall my Mod Podge Rocks tutorial on making a recipe card holder.  Mine looked like this:

Shortly after it was posted I got a terrific email from Christine sharing her version of my project.  In a brilliant move she both simplified construction and made it even more useful with her addition of a big clip.

And now she’s gone ahead and made another one with a Halloween Theme and it is equally terrific.

You can get her full tutorial by clicking on the picture.

To be honest, if these things weren’t recorded on the web and traceable I think I’d just say “look what I did” and post the pictures.

Christine’s blog is full of great projects all of which were inspired by me! and fun writing

I’m on a bit of decoupage kick of late.

My friend Kelly presented me with a challenge.  She found this magazine rack at a yard sale and brought it to me:

Her instructions?  “Do your thing and make it pretty.”

I decided that just painting it probably wasn’t going to satisfy her request so I started thinking and looking around for ideas.   I may have been a bit too literal (or redundant) but I thought “why not decorate a magazine rack with magazines?”  After some web hunting I came up with a lot of really great,  vintage, women’s magazine covers.  I realized I didn’t want to attach each one individually so I put them all together into a collage.

After sanding and priming the rack I took some really poor pictures of it!  So “Yeah me!”  My camera skills are really NOT improving the way I need them to.  Perhaps if I read the manual……

After a couple coats of  American Accents Heirloom White (btw, if any of use American Accents-  Home Depot just lowered their price and now HD is the cheapest source) it was ready for the decoupage stage.

And here is where it got just a little tricky.  I couldn’t print out paper large enough to cover the whole rack so I had to figure out a work-around.  You see those kind of irregular edges on each collage?  After I cut those out I attached each collage sheet leaving the irregular gap between them and then just patched it over with some additional images (sorry, no pics of me in action – I have yet to figure out how to photograph myself without risking modpodging my camera at the same time).

I applied a sealer coat to the whole thing and, after it dried, cut out around the edges and the handle.

And here we are: Before

and After:

Lets hope Kelly likes it.

In the meanwhile – lets do some linking!

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