Vintage Halloween Decor Idea
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Thrift Store Frame Halloween Decoration

Alternate titles for this post that were considered: Bat’s Incredible (too conceited) Bat’s Not All Folks! Bat-tle of ideas! Bat’l Do Pig My Belfry is Empty Bat-tastrophe (in case things went sideways) OK, it’s crazy hot in Los Angeles again and it’s messing with my inner rhythms which are clearly telling me I want to… Continue reading Thrift Store Frame Halloween Decoration

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Vintage Halloween Candle Holder Image Transfer Tutorial

  As I mentioned in my previous post my Halloween Candle Holder project went waaaay south the first time (graphic transfer was pretty spotty, I put one of the images on upside down etc etc) BUT attempt #2 seems better so I thought I'd do a little step-by-step to detail my learning curve. I started out… Continue reading Vintage Halloween Candle Holder Image Transfer Tutorial

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Getting the Halloween Party Started

OK, as we know, I'm in Halloween mode and several of you, according to your much appreciated comments, are down with Halloween in August too so -let the games begin! My tutorial for the Halloween luminaries is coming along. Actually, it worked out perfectly. They had pretty much sold out at Scare LA and while… Continue reading Getting the Halloween Party Started

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I Found the Manual for my Camera!

I found my camera manual! And I’m sure it will help!  Just as soon as I read it (baby steps David) But I am, as usual, running around like a nut-bag trying to get things done in time for the Rose Bowl Sunday.  Why does this keep happening?  Every Rose Bowl I think "well, next… Continue reading I Found the Manual for my Camera!