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Valentines Day Project: Vintage Baseball Ticket Shelf

Historically I have not, as they say, rocked Valentines Day. As is my nature I would either have the PERFECT idea or no idea at all.  Boom and Bust. As a crafter I've also kind of skipped Valentines figuring that nothing I made really fit the theme (Valentines coasters?  Seems sorta too specific). But it… Continue reading Valentines Day Project: Vintage Baseball Ticket Shelf

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Easy Father’s Day Wall Art Tutorial

My dad is the best. However he's a bit hard to shop for for Father's Day and I always get sorta stuck for unique gift ideas (the man needs another book like I need to bump my head on something) But this year,  I had two  ideas!  TWO!!!!! The only problem was that I had… Continue reading Easy Father’s Day Wall Art Tutorial


Busy January

I have successfully taken down my Christmas decorations! Well, except for that one thing. Do you have that? You pack everything neatly away and THEN discover that one ornament or whatever that you somehow missed. And now it's a total pain to get all the boxes back out so it just sits there mocking you......all… Continue reading Busy January