Vintage Halloween Decor Idea
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Thrift Store Frame Halloween Decoration

Alternate titles for this post that were considered: Bat’s Incredible (too conceited) Bat’s Not All Folks! Bat-tle of ideas! Bat’l Do Pig My Belfry is Empty Bat-tastrophe (in case things went sideways) OK, it’s crazy hot in Los Angeles again and it’s messing with my inner rhythms which are clearly telling me I want to… Continue reading Thrift Store Frame Halloween Decoration

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Haunted Halloween Lamp

I know, I know.  Halloween is OVER and we’re all supposed to have moved on to Christmas. But, as I’ve shown on several other occasions, I am nothing if not seasonally out of synch. And I had this idea for a quickie Halloween decoration idea and just didn’t want to wait another year. It came… Continue reading Haunted Halloween Lamp

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beach frame

I'm a silly person (it's possible this has dawned on you previously) And I have a question. Is it wrong to do projects just out of spite? Because I think I just did. Welcome to Spite Crafting with Cheltenham Road Backstory:  I can be a bit over-thrifty.  I don't like to spend money. Total Truth: I… Continue reading beach frame