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Farmhouse Style Shelf Idea

Thanks so much for all the kind words about my new focus (and for not virtually patting me on the head).  I truly appreciated it. But I want to assure you that the blog isn't going to turn into a place where all I talk about and make are gifts.  As my wise brother-in-law Rich pointed… Continue reading Farmhouse Style Shelf Idea

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Tutorial: Drill Bit Storage and Gauge

I am not good with numbers.  Really not good. Anytime numbers come into play some part of my brain checks out.  It can be prices, measurements of weight, inventory numbers…addresses……birthdays….I will die one day because I’ve forgotten some key pin code I’m sure of it. You get the picture. I’ve muddled through but I meet… Continue reading Tutorial: Drill Bit Storage and Gauge

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Slip Sliding Away…….

I hope everyone had a good weekend. So, I blogged about my “aren’t-I-clever-slide-out-utility-wall” feeling all accomplished and about 20 minutes after hitting “publish” this popped up in my Pinterest feed Enviroholder Sliding Magic5 Postion Wall Organizer Source Amazon DID YOU ALL KNOW ABOUT THIS?!!!! Nothing quite like feeling clever and then discovering you could buy… Continue reading Slip Sliding Away…….

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How To Make a Space Saving Sliding Utility Wall

As you may have gathered from my last post I want everything to slide out. To me slide out drawers instead of lower kitchen cabinets are kind of like wheels on suitcases – why wasn’t that the design from the start!?  Why did I waste my youth schlepping heavy bags around and rummaging through dark,… Continue reading How To Make a Space Saving Sliding Utility Wall

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It’s All About Storage – Pantry Makeover Update

The Great Pantry Makeover is done......almost. Have you noticed that all my room makeover posts contain the words "almost" and "sorta?" But really, is any room ever truly “done” in a house?  (I’m gonna say “no” because that makes me look less like a flake and more like a “it’s all about flow and change”… Continue reading It’s All About Storage – Pantry Makeover Update

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Things as Beautiful as My Sisters (FKA – Get Inspired)

It’s time for another installment of the series formerly known as Get Inspired and now known as Things As Beautiful As My Sisters. The name change came at the suggestion of Donna who’s 2013 New Years Resolution seems to be: “Do very cool blog projects of my own and, in my downtime, find ways to… Continue reading Things as Beautiful as My Sisters (FKA – Get Inspired)

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Easy Extra Storage

Well, like everyone else I’m (grudgingly) putting my tax information together. And I’m very happy, and somewhat relieved, to report that Cheltenham Road in its first official year of business (i.e. where that’s all I did) turned a decent profit!OK, it’s not a buy-a-yacht-and-develop-a-coke-habit profit but it’s enough to encourage me that I have made… Continue reading Easy Extra Storage