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Paint Tray Liner in a Pinch

I’m not quite as organized or on-top-of-things and one might hope.

I’ll give you a moment to recover from the shock of this revelation.

My  lack of long-term planning often leads to last minute realizations that I don’t have Item X that is needed to finish (or start) a project.  Usually I overcome the problem by cursing a lot which, of course, magically makes the issue go away……

But sometimes cursing doesn’t work so I have to get creative.

I was always finding myself ready to get going on some quickie painting job and then realizing that “crap!” I was out of paint tray liners.

For a while I used tin foil which works just fine but seemed kind of wasteful (and of course lead to the inevitable getting ready to actually cook something and realizing that “crap!  I’m out of tinfoil).

But I was saved from a life of frustration (and burned pan scrubbing) when I realized that plastic grocery bags work beautifully in a pinch.

Just slide them over the trayQuick Cheap Paint Tray Liner in a pinch

Wrap the handles of the bag around the “feet” of the tray to keep it in placePainting Tip

Voila!  Instant, affordable paint tray liner.Shopping Bag as Paint Tray Liner

Of course, now I try to use canvas bags when I go shopping so my back-up supply of plastic bags is dwindling…..

I don’t think I’m the first to realize this and I imagine many of you are thinking “thanks David – we appreciate your insights.  Did you know we are also aware sliced bread, the wheel and fire?” but you never know so I thought I’d pass it along.

NOTE:  The OSH Company makes a fine plastic bag which I’ve used in these pictures.  However, some companies use a cheaper ink for the logo on the bag and I’ve discovered it will sometimes flake off or run in the paint so I usually make a point to turn the bag inside out before using it.

And thus ends Tips from David for this week.




Feeling Clingy – Terrific Tip for Painting Small Items

As many of you know from his lazy susan projects my father is a skilled woodworker.

A couple of years ago he gave me a gift subscription to Wood Magazine which is filled with fine craftsman making beautiful pieces.

I imagine he hoped that this would help me stop hacking away like some kind of crazed, wood serial killer and develop the patience, finesse and skills to become a true craftsman.

He is wrong of course.

But!  I totally appreciate his aspirational view of me and thoroughly enjoy the magazine.  I read it from cover to cover, admire the amazing things people make and fantasize about, one day, making a gate legged table from scratch (which my father actually  did a couple of years ago….  Showoff…).

So, when the recent  issue arrived I settled in for my monthly journey of admiration, jealousy and inadequateness when suddenly I was confronted with a genius tip that even I can do!

In my work I do a fair amount of painting using either my sprayer or just spray paint.  Often though, the pieces are small and light and it’s a challenge to hold them in place against the air flow of the spray.

But check this out!

You can use Glad Press -n – Seal to hold those tiny pieces in place!

Even though I don’t have a current project to do this with I had to check it out.

Happily I have a seldom-used box of Press’n Seal  that someone left behind at a party (which I realize makes it sound like a very strange party but I assure you it was just a regular, pot-luck affair)So I laid out a piece and gathered some random, small, objects – two wood rosettes, a very delicate piece of trim, one of those plugs you use to cover up screw holes and one tiny piece of very light balsa wood (which didn’t make the picture) – and pressing lightly,  stuck them down.

I’m happy to say that they didn’t move at all when blasted with spray paint

And, best of all, the Press-n-Seal leaves no residue when you peel them away from it!

This is going to make life much easier.

So thanks Dad! and thanks Wood Magazine! And thanks random, forgetful, party guest!

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