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A Creativity Burst! And a Long Nap

Hi! OK, so next time I ask you: ”Can I do two, large, back-to-back shows that will require two, totally different inventories?” Your answer should be “no, David, you cannot.” Or perhaps, “yes David you can but it, and you, won’t be pretty.” And it wasn’t (my workroom was a mess)! And I wasn't! (a… Continue reading A Creativity Burst! And a Long Nap

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July, when everyone’s thoughts turn to…..Halloween?

July is always an interesting month. I've been working on a lot of custom orders for stores. Just finished up some fun subway art products for a great little shop called The Red Stable in the German Village section of downtown Columbus But I always feel like "it's summer!  I should chill!" In reality, however,… Continue reading July, when everyone’s thoughts turn to…..Halloween?

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Oh The Horror! Halloween in August!

Hi, I'm David.  You may remember me from such lies as: I've totally got this under control! and I'm on top of things now and will blog regularly! Well, two back-to-back, two-day Halloween shows pretty much put the kabosh on that sense of togetherness. I went into crazy manufacturing overdrive to have enough stock on hand and… Continue reading Oh The Horror! Halloween in August!

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A Sudden Vacation

As my Instagram followers know I actually left the house recently! Friends somewhat randomly scored a suite in Las Vegas and it was an invitation I couldn't refuse. I did almost refuse it though because, well, here's the deal. I don't like Vegas. I've been there three times and pretty much hated it each time. It's… Continue reading A Sudden Vacation