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Lets Spice Things Up

My Kitchen Tour post got some very nice attention and I got a few questions about those spice jars and canisters so I thought I'd get into some more details. You may (or may not - I really wouldn't blame you) recall that the large canisters are inexpensive Ikea purchases.  It was a simple matter… Continue reading Lets Spice Things Up

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Recipe Card Holder Tutorial

My mom is a terrific cook and an awesome baker.  Our house and Christmastime was THE place to be if cookies were your thing (Never having met a cookie I didn't like I spent  my holidays in a diabetic coma.  Ah the memories!).  And while it seems that actual 3x5 recipe cards are going the way… Continue reading Recipe Card Holder Tutorial

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Free Kitchen Label Download

I think I figured out how to share my kitchen cannister label design that I used on my Ikea glass jars.   I realize they are pretty basic and some of you are probably thinking “Ummmm, dude?  You made a red circle with another red circle inside.  Don’t quit your dayjob” (too late I’m afraid). … Continue reading Free Kitchen Label Download

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Kitchen Cannisters

As some of you know I live in a 1940 fixer upper house and I’m (slooooowly) fixering it up.  Recently I remodeled the kitchen.  Here is what it looked like before:  And here it is post renovation.  I was going for a clean, classic style – in keeping with the house but just a little… Continue reading Kitchen Cannisters