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I Have Triumphed! (Also Happy Valentines Day)

Vintage Valentines Day GarlandSo everyone says the key to a successful blogging relationship is consistency.

Blog regularly. Post on a set schedule.  Always post on the same day.

……Happy Friday everyone!

OK, when last we met I was experiencing some….let’s call them minor hiccups on my road to sliding-drawer kitchen organization nirvana.

I had this.

I wanted this.

But I was thwarted by measuring (not an unusual thwarting for me), math (also not an unusual thwarting vehicle) and, of course, that old cliche – Evil Drawer Slide Manufacturers!

I kept working but somewhere around the middle of last week the drawer and I decided it would be best to see other people for a while and I focused on some other projects.

I put together some new, Classic Hollywood coaster sets for the good folks at Sweet!

I love these vintage Homes of the Stars graphics and I thought they might be fun for all those TCM lovers (they are also available on Etsy and Amazon)Homes of the Stars Vintage Hollywood Drink Coaster SetOld Hollywood Drink Coaster Set

I also got sidetracked by a random Valentine’s Day project (more on that in a sec)

But, I’m happy to say that the drawer and I worked out our differences and the aforementioned Nirvana is now mine!

Oddly sized spacers were glued and screwed together

20 inch sidemount drawer slides were installed and now……DIY Kitchen Organization Drawer

Pretty!Maximize Kitchen Storage

Who can get to his pasta pot in a heartbeat?

This guy!

Who should probably eat less pasta?

This guy!  (OK, my plan may have a flaw….)Kitchen Storage Solution

(As an extra side-bonus, upon viewing my last blog post my friend and dutiful blog reader Suzanne informed me that my pans were dirty and she was coming over to show me how to clean them.   Which she did!  You’d best believe I Tom Sawyered the crap out of that situation!)

So, in the midst of drawer-wars I realized it was almost Valentines Day and got one of those goofy-but-its-fun-to-do-something-different ideas that I just feel compelled to make for no real justifiable reason.

Why not make some hearts out of scrap wood?

I have all this beadboard that I bought a while ago – before I realized it was too heavy for what I wanted to do with it because, as we know, “advance planning” the Cheltenham Road byword.

So cut out some heart shapes using my scroll saw and painted them in shades of red and pink using Folk Art Milk Paint that Plaid provided me as part of their Ambassador Program.

I liked them but thought they needed a little text so I flipped one over and painted the smooth backside

And after a bit of sanding (for that “distressed heart” look….which, now that I type it sounds like an unfortunate medical condition) I used my Folk Art Stencils  to create a “Be Mine” message.Vintage Valentines Day

To be honest, I wasn’t totally sure what to do with them once I finished (a giant charm bracelet?) so I drilled some holes and strung them together.Vintage Valentines Day Banner

I like how, on the bead board side, the paint stayed in the grooves but sanded off the front leaving some great texture on the face.

So, as I said, a bit of a goofy idea but I had fun making it.Scrap Wood Valentines Day Banner

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some extremely convenient pasta to make!

Kitchen Organization (First Attempt)

I have several alternate titles for this blog post

  • Why did I do that?
  • My house is annoying.
  • Is this really a good use of time?
  • Biting off more than you can chew.  The Danger of Tiny Mouth Syndrome.

As you may have surmised, I have encountered some set-backs on the road to today’s (planned) tutorial.

You see, this was supposed to be a blog post/tutorial wherein I would share my clever idea and show how you too might execute this clever, space saving innovation.

OK – here’s how things have gone down.

Several years ago I remodeled (or rather, had others remodel) my kitchen.  I learned a lot, made some good choices and some bad choices and ended up, in the long run, with a much better kitchen.Before and after Kitchen remodel

One of the “good” decisions was that I wanted drawers rather than base cupboards.Kitchen makeover happiness.  Pull out drawers rather than cupboards

They have been awesome!  One of those “why wasn’t this always the norm?” kinda things.  I highly recommend them.

However, there was one hold out.  Not quite sure what happened but it’s been bugging me for years.  The cabinet next to the fridge is just that, a large, deep, not-very-user-friendly cupboard.

I hate fumbling around trying to get out the frying pan or the pasta pot etc.

Now, I have successfully (in my opinion) designed and made other “pull-out-easy-access-space-saving” projects.

In another cabinet I organized other pans and things.Convenient, space saving pull out drawer for pots and pans

In the Laundry Room Makeover I made a pull out utility wall that I love to this dayEasy, space saving, utility wall for the laundry room

And a roll out shelf for shoes.clutter busting, space saving pull out shoe drawer for mud room

So, I’m down with roll outs.  I work well with drawer glides.  Therefore why not (finally!) make a pull out drawer for that last remaining cabinet?

Why not?

Because life is short.

It should have been easy.  Just, basically, a box attached to glides.

After careful measuring I determined that the best way to get the most out of the space was to use “undermount” rather than side-mount drawer glides.  I would use two of them (for balance and due to the weight of the drawer).  Perfect!


Three (possibly four?) trips to Lowes later I had experienced the following progression of realizations:

  • The Lowes website lies about where things are
  • All manufacturers hate me. My cabinet can accommodate, at most, a 22” undermount drawer glide.  How big do they make them?  Well, they go: 16”, 18”, 20″ and……..  22 5/8ths.  Why!??!!!!  5/8ths?!!!!  What possible purpose could the 5/8ths  serve?  And why don’t people who have 18” drawers need 5/8ths  more to live out their dreams of organization and easy utensil access?*
  • Oh wait! They make 20” ones!  Yay, that will work!
  • Wait. The 20” one doesn’t actually extend any further than the 16” one?  So my drawer would only “extend” about 8 inches outside the cabinet?
  • Oh, and you only have one anyway and it’s in the wrong bin so I had to look through all of the dreaded 22 5/8ths ones come to this realization?  Thanks!

OK, side-mount drawer glides it is.

Which means reducing the size of the drawer….which means it holds a bit less…..

OK, fine, I’ll redesign.  I can find somewhere else for that one lid.  No prob.

Oh, but side-mount also means I need to get past the face frame on the cabinet.

Oh good – the frame depth is some weird, inbetween-actual-numbers number, like 1″ and 15/93rds  to second power or something?  OK, I can figure that out….

Oh, and it’s a different depth on either side?  Well that’s just terrif!  Challenges – so satisfying!

…….Perhaps I need to rethink exactly how annoying it was to dig around to get to the frying pan.

Maybe, rather than a loud, clanging exercise in crouching down, it was a character-building, mini workout that made cooking a growth experience……

Tune in next week when I either, in very small type, admit defeat or, in very large type, crow endlessly over my amazing prowess at overcoming tremendous obstacles  (like returning things to Lowes without a receipt…….I KNOW I have them…..somewhere……)


*rhetorical question  – I’m not looking for answers, I’m ranting.  I’m not proud of this fact but it is, nonetheless, a fact.



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