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Vintage Holiday Card Wreath

My apologies.

I’ve been treating my blog like I treat the gym:  a really awesome idea that I never seem to get around to.

Life has been crazy hectic trying to make enough product to stock the stores and the shows that I’m doing and I am… (huge surprise I know)……behind!

 And, in addition there have been a series of unfortunate (not life threatening) events outside my control.  I do have blog post planned about it which I intend to call:amazing

 Stay tuned for another exciting episode.

In the meantime, however, Amy over at Mod Podge Rocks has posted my latest tutorial using vintage Christmas Cards and, of course, Mod Podge to create a cheerful, vintagy wreath.

Make an easy, vintage Christmas Card Wreath

Make an easy, vintage Christmas Card Wreath

I must confess, this is Mod Podge Christmas Project attempt #3.

When I was home my sister Paula and I hatched a terrific idea but it proved to be too expensive to be practical.  So I came up with Plan B and toiled and toiled and managed to create several somethings that looked less like the sophisticated work of a Man-Podger and more like the cast-off of a demented 5 year old.

But I’m pleased with the festive possibilities of this wreath and, if you have moment – head on over to Mod Podge Rocks to check out the full tutorial.

Captain Frazzled signing off!

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