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Life of (with) Pi

We’ve traced the barks.  They’re coming from inside the house!!!!

This is not going to become a blog about a dog but I feel I must explain.

I really lucked out with Pi (somehow it auto-corrected last time – his real name is Pi).

The shelter said he was untrained but either they were wrong or he’s the most considerate animal ever.  He doesn’t beg for food, he doesn’t eat stuff off the floor, he doesn’t chew on furniture.  He just crawls in your lap and curls up in a little ball and naps.

In short, he’s kind of a dream.

There is just one small problem.

Poor little guy has some very understandable abandonment and separation anxieties.  And he wants to be near me all the time.


It’s like having a small, adorable stalker (who snores)

He follows me everywhere:

At my desk right now

Doing laundry

Any bathroom activity, including showering – he just pushes the door open and waits.

(which  I guess is only fair  since I watch him when he does his business)

And if I stand still too long when doing photos for this blog post?

This is fine.  I’m totally down with being unquestioningly adored (it just feels right!).

But I can’t leave the house.

If I leave the house (or even the room and he can’t follow) my sweet, placid, trouble free dog goes full blown Glenn Close at her bunny boiling, I-WILL-NOT-BE-IGNORED-DAVID!!!!!! Fatal Attraction peak.

It’s heartbreaking, a little scary and VERY limiting.

So, since I can’t even go to the garage for more than a few minutes I don’t have anything very detailed to share this week.

I did get a few “almost-done” things “totally-done.”

Finished up my biggest sign yet. It’s for a local teacher’s classroom.

This sucker is one foot high and about 4 ft long when laid out.

I’m also gearing up for the one of my favorite shows -the Jackalope Artisan Fair is in Pasadena next weekend.  I want to have some new trays and since I liked the how the Camera Shop sign came out I thought I’d try it in tray form.  I did the same process as before and  just used a bunch of cut-to-fit, painted pieces of thin scrap wood.

I put together a vintage bicycle tray that I thought might be a fun gift for someone.

And finished up my latest HOME sign for a customer in Fort Worth Texas

I’m hopeful that, this week, I’ll be able to convince Ms. Close that it will all be all right and that I guarantee I will return every time (we actually are making progress).

Until then it’s build up for Jackalope and, possibly some very scratched up doors.

Super Size Me!

I’ve been in full production mode the past week trying to get really ready for the Abbott Kinney Festival which is this coming Saturday.   It’s a huge event and promises to be a lot of fun.

I took an ill-considered break from manufacturing on Saturday and turned on the NATGEO channel just in time for Predator Fest and spent the rest of the day watching Animal Snuff Videos Nature Documentaries.   My day devolved from productive and positive into bouts of yelling:




 But I had to get back to work because not only did I need to make back stock it seems to be the week of the giants.

You may recall I was working previously on a giant BEACH signPatterns for Large LettersIt was for a window display at one of my newer stores Mindful Nest in Santa MonicaVintage Wood Beach Sign Cheltenham RoadMy apologies for the poor picture – I have yet to figure out how to take pictures through glass….Large Letter Wood Beach Sign Cheltenham Road

In truth this is second one of these.  I made the first one but because it’s a ton of work I had to price it so high that I thought “no one will ever pay that much for this but it will look cool on my bathroom wall.”

I was wrong so it was on to giant BEACH sign part II.

Then the good folks at Angelo HOME sold another of the giant LA signs so I had to get on a replacement for that.Large Los Angeles Vintage Sign

And then a customer who had seen my Subway Signs asked if I could make her one that was 3 feet wide by 5 feet tall (they are usually 16” wide).

That’s a lot of sign.

It always seems with things like this that all you’d have to do it make all the measurements larger but it’s never that easy.

Thanks to From Gardners 2 Bergers  (a great site) I knew that Staples offered large black and white print outs called “Architectural Prints” for a reasonable price.Large Wooden Subway Art Sign Cheltenham Road

But I wasn’t prepared for the back of the sign warping when I cut it.  Not badly but enough to be unattractive.

But a good thing came out of it!

I ended up building a frame for the back out of scrap woodLarge Subway Art Sign Backer which not only corrected the warp but also brings the sign off the wall adding dimension and provides a way to hang it more easily.

I’m happy with the final result and I may make a few more for display in the future.Custom Subway Art Sign Cheltenham Road

If any of you are local this Friday is the grand opening of the CoOp’s new space.  It is beautiful!  Please do come by if you can.  CoOp 28 Opening PartyOr visit me at Abbott Kinney if you are more a west side, beachy kinda person.

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