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Evolution of a Design

It’s still crazy-hot here (and probably where you are too) which disinclined me to go outside and saw, sand and paint. But that has given me time to focus on new designs for Halloween and Midsummer Scream. My funny (ok, I think they're funny - your mileage may vary) Halloween coasters have, apparently, acquired a… Continue reading Evolution of a Design

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Getting the Halloween Party Started

OK, as we know, I'm in Halloween mode and several of you, according to your much appreciated comments, are down with Halloween in August too so -let the games begin! My tutorial for the Halloween luminaries is coming along. Actually, it worked out perfectly. They had pretty much sold out at Scare LA and while… Continue reading Getting the Halloween Party Started

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Boo! Halloween in August

Whew! Made it through Scare LA and had a great weekend (except for, um.... breaking my toe. Because I think we can all agree I needed a new extremity to smack into things. Bashing one's head is sooooo 2014). And now, NOW I'm totally psyched for Halloween!... In August..... Which seems a bit early frankly.… Continue reading Boo! Halloween in August

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Scare LA Report

I may have to reconsider Halloween. I kind of gave up on the holiday once people stopped giving me free candy and my mom stopped making my costumes (it also didn't help that, being an actor, putting on unusual clothes and parading around pretending to be someone else didn't seem like much of a change… Continue reading Scare LA Report

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Getting Ahead of Myself – New Coasters! New Show!

Well, I always hate it when the stores jump the gun on holidays or seasonal changes (my stomach still drops every year when that first "Back to School!" sale is announced). So, in keeping with that anti-jumping-the-gun policy WELCOME TO HALLOWEEN!!!!!! In my defense, it's not totally my fault, I'm doing this because I'm participating… Continue reading Getting Ahead of Myself – New Coasters! New Show!