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Vintage (ish) Paris Flower Box Tutorial

Well it's time for another Super Masculine Project from Cheltenham Road...... I've mentioned before that sometimes I see a piece of furniture and know instantly what I want to do with it - repair, color, style everything. That sometimes happens with little project too.  I see something in a magazine or on a blog and… Continue reading Vintage (ish) Paris Flower Box Tutorial

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When Life Gives you Lemons

Well, I'm happy to say that life certainly hasn’t given me lemons.  (My backyard did though – I have a lemon tree bush that is like something from that episode of Gilligan's Island  - it just produces tons of lemons year round.   It's wonderful!  But I digress) No, no lemons from life.  However, I do… Continue reading When Life Gives you Lemons

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Everything did not come up Rose Bowl

It happened again! The Rose Bowl suddenly snuck up on me and I was (wait for it!) UNPREPARED! So I ran around like a crazy person finishing up tons of projects while – never one to focus on just one aspect of my life at a time - simultaneously closing the run of the play… Continue reading Everything did not come up Rose Bowl

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It (kinda) Worked!

I’m scrambling to get my Mod PodgeRocks tutorial turned in but I just wanted to do a teaser for that little table I tried and failed to transfer the image onto. It worked!  Sorta.... I’m not sure what to do when something works.  How am I supposed to wittily complain about success? I’ll find a… Continue reading It (kinda) Worked!