Linda’s Lab – A Very Young Scientist

A long put-off project has begun! This blog is being updated! It's not going well! I appreciate your patience as I attempt to overcome insurmountable problems that would fluster even the greatest mind - such as, "why is that picture enormous?" and "why is that font so ugly....and small.....?" One would think those problems could… Continue reading Linda’s Lab – A Very Young Scientist

DIY Wood Letter Tiles
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Make Over-Sized, Vintage, Game Pieces

A brief detour on the way to Halloween. I’ve come up with another (potential) Use-Up-That-Scrap-Wood project! Of course, you may be thinking that the first step in reducing scrap wood might be, perhaps, to create less scrap wood to begin with? Reasonable. But that would involve the dreaded accurate measuring and the even more terrifying planning… Continue reading Make Over-Sized, Vintage, Game Pieces