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It’s a New Year

People have often told me that I have trouble living in the moment; that I spend too much time looking backwards, stuck in nostalgia for yesterday. Well no more! Welcome to 2019! Where it is all about new and now and tomorrow  ..............still Christmas at my house. OK, not a promising start. But I have an… Continue reading It’s a New Year

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Christmas Mantel Decorating. I May Have a Problem.

Is there a way to arrange that my Michaels coupons come with some sort of “parental control?” (Of course, my mom is 97, lives in Ohio and, at this point, is about 4 feet tall so I’m not sure how much “control” she could exert but it’s worth a shot.  Perhaps she could just deploy… Continue reading Christmas Mantel Decorating. I May Have a Problem.

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Farmhouse Style Shelf Idea

Thanks so much for all the kind words about my new focus (and for not virtually patting me on the head).  I truly appreciated it. But I want to assure you that the blog isn't going to turn into a place where all I talk about and make are gifts.  As my wise brother-in-law Rich pointed… Continue reading Farmhouse Style Shelf Idea