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The Upside of Crafting in Hell!

Date: Saturday July 7. Time: 8AM Temp: 94 degrees headed to 112 Personal Status: Do not have project for blog even started.  Am hot. Date: Saturday July 7 Time: 4PM Temp: 114 Personal Status: Still hot. Project totally done! How did I do it?!! Crafting in hell means that everything dries super fast!!!! So, there… Continue reading The Upside of Crafting in Hell!

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Seasonally Challenged

Remember back in July when I was all about Halloween? And we laughed about how it was way too early for Halloween? Welcome to October!  Now we can finally talk about surfing. Surfing?! I know. I am seriously seasonally challenged. But here's the deal. I had the big Abott Kinney Festival (in Venice Beach) a… Continue reading Seasonally Challenged

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Rustic, Distressed Paint Finish with the Folk Art Coastal Paints

The good folks at Plaid sent me some more paint: Folk Art Coastal The paints are super-thick and you can use them to create a textured, weathered effect. I was eager to try them out. I just needed a project and that's when things got....complicated. So I ask you to bear with me as this… Continue reading Rustic, Distressed Paint Finish with the Folk Art Coastal Paints

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Easy DIY Vintage Sign and a Pie Distraction

There were big plans.  Big, organized, stay-on-schedule PLANS! I made a bunch of frames for Further Adventures in Spite Crafting. I was gonna get all of them done and present you with a Spite Extravaganza! And it was to be glorious! But then I thought, "all this organized productivity is super.  Why don't you throw a wrench in it?!"… Continue reading Easy DIY Vintage Sign and a Pie Distraction