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Easy to Make Soda Pop Coasters with Plant Saucers

As you've witnessed I've been having a good time for the last few weeks playing around with new ideas. My goal, of course, is to come up with new products. And, hopefully, new products that don't require me to fabricate Every. Single. Part Don't get me wrong - power tools are awesome. I truly enjoy… Continue reading Easy to Make Soda Pop Coasters with Plant Saucers

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Vintage Dairy Label Coasters Tutorial

I make coasters (it's possible you already know this). What I don't make is round coasters. I've tried in the past but never quite got it worked out to where the effort matched the reward. While poking around the Dollar Store for my Halloween Candle Project I stumbled across a ton of plain, round, plastic… Continue reading Vintage Dairy Label Coasters Tutorial

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Comic Book Superhero Coaster Tutorial

It's not quite Thursday but it's time for a flash-back. A project I did a loooong time ago for Mod Podge Rocks has been getting some attention and I wanted to do a little updating. As you know my Etsy shop is all about coasters.  I also love comic book graphics but can't make comic… Continue reading Comic Book Superhero Coaster Tutorial