Furniture Makeovers

Putting the High in Highboy

One of my favorite things about all this is that each piece I have seems to have a story. I wasn’t sure what to think of this story. I got a call from an acquaintance who said, “My ex-husband’s cousin has died and I am in charge of cleaning out his house.  He has some… Continue reading Putting the High in Highboy

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My Color Blind Secretary

Ahhh I love the Monday after the Rose Bowl. The build up is always so hectic (because I am disorganized!) and then on the day of it’s up at 4:45 to get there and get set-up by 6:30 or so and then pack it all up again, home, unpack the truck, return the truck, and… Continue reading My Color Blind Secretary

Furniture Makeovers

I need fewer outlets and more creativity

I wasn’t prepared for the photography. You see beautiful pictures in magazines or on blogs (I’m lookin’ at you Miss Mustard Seed) and they seem  so natural and easy.  Just snuggle your piece of furniture up against a wall, add some stuff and viola – awesome picture. Not so much. I spent my morning trying… Continue reading I need fewer outlets and more creativity

Furniture Makeovers

My Secretary

I have kind of a “thing” for secretaries. I mean, who wouldn't want something lovely sitting there keeping you all organized and efficient? I'm talking about furniture secretaries of course. They are just so practical.   I love the idea of two pieces of furniture in one spot (must come from years of living in tiny… Continue reading My Secretary

Furniture Makeovers

Craig’s List Guilt and a desk makeover

Craig’s List often makes me feel guilty.  When I’m in a thrift store and see some particularly woebegone piece and think - “good God, who would do such a horrible thing to an innocent piece of furniture?” - I’m free to imagine some awful person lurking in a darkened room doing unspeakable things with paint.… Continue reading Craig’s List Guilt and a desk makeover