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There’s Always Tomorrow

“I will blog tomorrow.” That’s what I kept telling myself each day.  Each day as I got up and got rolling on finishing coasters, making subway signs, cutting letters, sending out Etsy orders I would say to myself, “as soon as I’m done with this I will write a blog post.” The problem is –… Continue reading There’s Always Tomorrow

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A Little Experiment

So, I'm wondering if a couple of you could help me out. A few years ago I thought it would be fun to make Christmas gifts for my family and, unsurprisingly, I made coasters (they never saw it coming!). I decided to celebrate our family's vast real estate empire by creating floor plans of all… Continue reading A Little Experiment

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Patchwork, Coasters and Wedding Blocks… Oh My!

Hi, I'm workin' away getting ready for Patchwork on Sunday.  If anyone is LA-local please do consider dropping by.  The historic Helms Bakery is one of the coolest spots in LA to cruise around (whether you go to the show or not) and the Patchwork show is inside so you can peruse without need of… Continue reading Patchwork, Coasters and Wedding Blocks… Oh My!

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Please Pardon Our Mess

Well, my noble goal to become totally organized, amazingly efficient and completely together is……going to take longer than anticipated. Honestly, I think I made more of a mess this weekend than ever before.  But I have faith that it’s a mess that is going in the right direction. And I must say you folks are… Continue reading Please Pardon Our Mess

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Lets Get Lazy!

Happy Wednesday everyone! I’m pleased to report that Amy  just posted my latest tutorial over on Mod Podge Rocks. Apparently a deep desire to create lazy susans runs in my family. You may remember my dad’s beautiful lazy susans. Well, in an Oedipus like maneuver (without the killing, eye gouging or marrying your mom part)I… Continue reading Lets Get Lazy!

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Pay no attention to the man behind the garage door!

Part 1 First off I apologize for being a total tease and I am now happy to report that the awesome Amy of Mod Podge Rocks has completed her cross-country trek and has posted my tutorial for the Subway signs! So, if you’re at all interested in learning how to make theseOut of some bits… Continue reading Pay no attention to the man behind the garage door!

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Make Your Own Decorative Knobs

Thank you for all the kind responses about the London Underground dresser! I've had a couple of questions about the top two knobs so I thought I’d share how I made them – it was pretty easy and oh so inexpensive. First off, I have to give credit to The Muse (otherwise known as Geralyn)! … Continue reading Make Your Own Decorative Knobs