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There is Always A Day Job And Proper Blog Usage

The Use What You've Got scrap wood project has really got my mind exploding with ideas.  I'm having a great time coming up with things but I'm having trouble getting to them because I have orders to fill.  And it is kind of slowly dawning on me that "Oh!  coasters and signs are my day… Continue reading There is Always A Day Job And Proper Blog Usage

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Another Anniversary!

My new tutorial has just been posted over at Mod Podge Rocks and it marks another anniversary for me - my one year ManPodgerVersary. A little over a year ago Amy (the Mod Podge Rocks Grand Poo-bah and master of all things podgy) put out a call asking if there were any guys who used… Continue reading Another Anniversary!

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Millwork Monday

I’ve been experiencing some technical difficulties. No sooner did I decide that I had my mojo back (and I was ready to blog blog blog!) then my internet connection started to have a nervous breakdown.  It’s on! It’s off!  It’s on…off….on….kinda on…’s ……stuck. The problem has still not been resolved. In the meantime I continued… Continue reading Millwork Monday

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Patchwork, Coasters and Wedding Blocks… Oh My!

Hi, I'm workin' away getting ready for Patchwork on Sunday.  If anyone is LA-local please do consider dropping by.  The historic Helms Bakery is one of the coolest spots in LA to cruise around (whether you go to the show or not) and the Patchwork show is inside so you can peruse without need of… Continue reading Patchwork, Coasters and Wedding Blocks… Oh My!

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Marching Forward

I spent a decent portion of yesterday moving myself into a terrific new store that will be selling my wares. Distinct Designers is the brainchild of Megan Sullivan.  She’s done  a great job creating a fun, friendly space and I can’t wait for the Grand Opening on Friday.  If you are an LA-local please stop… Continue reading Marching Forward

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When Life Gives you Lemons

Well, I'm happy to say that life certainly hasn’t given me lemons.  (My backyard did though – I have a lemon tree bush that is like something from that episode of Gilligan's Island  - it just produces tons of lemons year round.   It's wonderful!  But I digress) No, no lemons from life.  However, I do… Continue reading When Life Gives you Lemons

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Everything did not come up Rose Bowl

It happened again! The Rose Bowl suddenly snuck up on me and I was (wait for it!) UNPREPARED! So I ran around like a crazy person finishing up tons of projects while – never one to focus on just one aspect of my life at a time - simultaneously closing the run of the play… Continue reading Everything did not come up Rose Bowl