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Holiday Centerpiece Idea

I always hope to have a relaxing, hot-chocolate sipping, carol singing sort of Christmas season. I would have you guys over.  We'd snack on desserts and chat.  I would be mellow yet festive, the perfect, relaxed host. And then then we'd go ice-skating in hell while a flock of pigs flew overhead because only when those… Continue reading Holiday Centerpiece Idea

Houseware Crafts

My Christmas Decorations Are Still Up Christmas decorations are still up BUT!!! I have a good justification reason! OK, here's the deal. The holiday season was great for me business-wise. Busy, busy, busy. So....yay! However, I seem to be Seasonally Creative -by which I mean the ideas for a season only seem to really flow DURING that season. That's fine… Continue reading My Christmas Decorations Are Still Up