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End Table – The Next Generation

Hello again! Thanks for all the comments on my new saw.  She needs a name though.  Maxie?  Athena (she's kind of god-like).  Thoughts? I'm so looking forward to not cutting my fingers off!!!! Anyway, remember this little table makeover?  That went from this:To this:Well,  as is often the case with me, after I finished it… Continue reading End Table – The Next Generation

DIY Furniture Projects, Furniture Makeovers, Tutorials

$10 Table 1 Hour Makeover

As I think I mentioned I’m cleaning out the garage (again!). My workshop is a post -Christmas disaster and I need to be honest about what my business is now and how I should use my space.  I have grand plans!  Let's see if I can do it. My vow was to truly get rid… Continue reading $10 Table 1 Hour Makeover

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Create a Versatile Tray End Table

I hope everyone had a great Halloween! My house is in a neighborhood that lacks street lights and sidewalks so, quite understandably, it just doesn't draw the kids. But every year hope springs eternal and I load up on candy! OK thats a total lie. Every year I know that there won't be many kids… Continue reading Create a Versatile Tray End Table

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End Table Makeover and Rose Bowl Ready!

OK, the car is packed for the Rose Bowl and I’m ready to go! Almost. I’m never really ready to go.  Even when I’m there I realize that I wasn’t really ready to go and I’ve forgotten, oh you know,  the price tags, the signs, the Windex, the cash etc etc…. But, nevertheless, it’s up… Continue reading End Table Makeover and Rose Bowl Ready!

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Good Friends and End Table Makeovers

LA has a bad reputation.  Pretty scenery – vapid, self involved people. So I moved here from New York with somewhat low expectations. But, honestly, I am surrounded by an incredible group of friends here. Tom C and his beautiful wife Brooke (really beautiful – I don’t want to be sexist here so I’ll say… Continue reading Good Friends and End Table Makeovers

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Bedside Table Makeoever

My usual pattern is that I come up with an idea, execute it and then see if anybody wants to buy it.    But every once in a while someone sees my work, likes it and “commissions” me to make something for them.   I dig the idea of having “clients” – it feels very grown up… Continue reading Bedside Table Makeoever