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Building an Over Table Display Part 1

It's officially fall! So naturally my thoughts for the next week will be all about the beach. The big Abbott Kinney Festival is next Sunday in Venice Beach.  It's always a great show for me but the vibe is definitely beachy so begone pumpkin spice it's time for salt air and sunscreen. However, before I… Continue reading Building an Over Table Display Part 1

Vintage Halloween Decor Idea
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Thrift Store Frame Halloween Decoration

Alternate titles for this post that were considered: Bat’s Incredible (too conceited) Bat’s Not All Folks! Bat-tle of ideas! Bat’l Do Pig My Belfry is Empty Bat-tastrophe (in case things went sideways) OK, it’s crazy hot in Los Angeles again and it’s messing with my inner rhythms which are clearly telling me I want to… Continue reading Thrift Store Frame Halloween Decoration


Linda’s Lab – A Very Young Scientist

A long put-off project has begun! This blog is being updated! It's not going well! I appreciate your patience as I attempt to overcome insurmountable problems that would fluster even the greatest mind - such as, "why is that picture enormous?" and "why is that font so ugly....and small.....?" One would think those problems could… Continue reading Linda’s Lab – A Very Young Scientist

Halloween Bat Hanger by Cheltenham Road
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Reclaimed Wood Halloween Bat

Hello. This post was going to be titled: "Surrounded by Craft Supplies and Out of Ideas" which is the state I've been in for the past week or so. But then, as is often the case, just as I sat down to admit defeat, I had in inconveniently timed, sort of iffy, idea! Welcome to… Continue reading Reclaimed Wood Halloween Bat

vintage wood signs
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A Creativity Burst! And a Long Nap

Hi! OK, so next time I ask you: ”Can I do two, large, back-to-back shows that will require two, totally different inventories?” Your answer should be “no, David, you cannot.” Or perhaps, “yes David you can but it, and you, won’t be pretty.” And it wasn’t (my workroom was a mess)! And I wasn't! (a… Continue reading A Creativity Burst! And a Long Nap

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Evolution of a Design

It’s still crazy-hot here (and probably where you are too) which disinclined me to go outside and saw, sand and paint. But that has given me time to focus on new designs for Halloween and Midsummer Scream. My funny (ok, I think they're funny - your mileage may vary) Halloween coasters have, apparently, acquired a… Continue reading Evolution of a Design