Craft Show Display

I’m just a bit obsessed with figuring out the best way to display the various Cheltenham Road products.  Each show presents new challenges (partly because I keep making new products….which require new ways to display them).

As I come up with ideas I try to share them as tutorials so click on the pics or under “search” type in “Craft Show Display.”

Also, if you’re a fellow crafter/displayer you can find tons of ideas on my Craft Show Display Pinterest Board because, of course, I’m constantly trolling the web looking for new ideas!

Here is my set up for SoHo House

Soho House Booth Cheltenham Road Unique LA always draws great crowds and I have a good time figuring out the booth layout.  This holiday show was great but there was an unexpected pillar juuuust behind where those coaster boards are.Cheltenham Road Booth for Unique LA Spring 2014 My DIY rotating tower worked great for displaying the candle blocksDIY Product Display Towers for Cheltenham Road Unique LA Craft BoothI’ve done a lot of variations on creating a wall to hang stuff on.Easy To Build Wall Display for Unique LA Handmade ShowThe flexibility of my coaster towers has come in handyUnique LA Summer Show Booth Display TowersThey open and close in various configurationsCoaster Towers for Unique LA