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A Week Spent “Fixing” Things

Well I thought the last week was going to be a week of EXCITING!!!! and NEW!!!! But the reality of deadlines, and my own endless desire to "fix" things made it a week of "REVISE!  REJIGGER"  and "FUTZ!!!!!" (coincidentally, Revise, Rejigger and Futz is  also the name of the law firm I'm starting geared specifically… Continue reading A Week Spent “Fixing” Things

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Rustic, Distressed Paint Finish with the Folk Art Coastal Paints

The good folks at Plaid sent me some more paint: Folk Art Coastal The paints are super-thick and you can use them to create a textured, weathered effect. I was eager to try them out. I just needed a project and that's when things got....complicated. So I ask you to bear with me as this… Continue reading Rustic, Distressed Paint Finish with the Folk Art Coastal Paints

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Library Card Book Ends

It has been a great couple of weeks for commerce - tons of Etsy orders, custom jobs and new stores carrying my work. I've been plugging away in factory-mode but a little bit short on the "new ideas!" side of things. Happily,  The Muse (Geralyn) has her head in the game and came up with… Continue reading Library Card Book Ends

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DIY Father’s Day Ideas and an All Ice Cream Diet

Well, for a while there I was rocking that Every-Sunday-Blog-Post thing.  It felt good!  I felt like a responsible grown up blogger.... and then....I hit the creativity wall.  Has that ever happened to you?  I just drew a blank. Now, the standard good advice about times like this is that you should go outside, talk… Continue reading DIY Father’s Day Ideas and an All Ice Cream Diet

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Mod Podge Anniversary Party!

As you know I use Mod Podge and Plaid products in pretty much every aspect of my life except food preparation (and I may get there - it's non-toxic after all). And today, May 19th, happens to be National Mod Podge Day in honor of its 50th Anniversary! And I know you're asking yourself, "David… Continue reading Mod Podge Anniversary Party!