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Vintage Postal Wall Art

I enjoyed this week! No huge deadlines loomed, stores were stocked and online orders were do-able. So, naturally, my thoughts could turn, happily, to other projects. Now, my mom is a miniaturist and my dad built model airplanes and trains (like the one that went around his desk):But I seem to have gone the other… Continue reading Vintage Postal Wall Art

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Mod Podge Ultra Gloss

Aaaaand we're back with week two of trying out the new Mod Podge Ultra. This time around things get shiny! So, quick refresher: Mod Podge Ultra is a new sprayable Mod Podge that works as a strong adhesive (see last weeks post) as well as a sealer that eliminates brush strokes. Public Service Announcement: I've… Continue reading Mod Podge Ultra Gloss

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Valentines Day Project: Vintage Baseball Ticket Shelf

Historically I have not, as they say, rocked Valentines Day. As is my nature I would either have the PERFECT idea or no idea at all.  Boom and Bust. As a crafter I've also kind of skipped Valentines figuring that nothing I made really fit the theme (Valentines coasters?  Seems sorta too specific). But it… Continue reading Valentines Day Project: Vintage Baseball Ticket Shelf

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Hot Cocoa Sign with a Free Printable

With winter's chill blast upon's 55 degrees in Los Angeles - bring on the (decorative) scarves!..... it's time for a little hot cocoa. Actually it's time for the annual Dessert Party and the hot cocoa bar. The bar was a new idea and a big hit last year so it's definitely happening again but,… Continue reading Hot Cocoa Sign with a Free Printable

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The Perfect Craft Show Table

It has become pretty clear that my Cart and my Horse don't even run in the same social circles let alone work together in a coordinated, orderly fashion. So it should come as no surprise that I made this insanely useful, adaptable table and THEN thought: "this would be a great blog post subject!" Ah… Continue reading The Perfect Craft Show Table

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It’s (already?) Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

I'm not a big fan of the whole "rushing the holidays" phenomenon. It somehow felt like Halloween was over around the 25th.  The displays were down, everything was on "huge reduction" sales etc. I had to keep reminding myself that Halloween hadn't actually happened yet. Having said that.... Please join me as I add to… Continue reading It’s (already?) Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

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Happy Halloween!

I, the Great Pumpkin And my glum Victorian Pals Would like to wish you all  I peaked a bit early on Halloween this year what with getting ready for Midsummer Scream all the way back in August so I thought I'd post all the Halloween projects from this year as well as a few favorites… Continue reading Happy Halloween!