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It’s a New Year

People have often told me that I have trouble living in the moment; that I spend too much time looking backwards, stuck in nostalgia for yesterday. Well no more! Welcome to 2019! Where it is all about new and now and tomorrow  ..............still Christmas at my house. OK, not a promising start. But I have an… Continue reading It’s a New Year

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Christmas Mantel Decorating. I May Have a Problem.

Is there a way to arrange that my Michaels coupons come with some sort of “parental control?” (Of course, my mom is 97, lives in Ohio and, at this point, is about 4 feet tall so I’m not sure how much “control” she could exert but it’s worth a shot.  Perhaps she could just deploy… Continue reading Christmas Mantel Decorating. I May Have a Problem.

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Hot Cocoa Sign with a Free Printable

With winter's chill blast upon's 55 degrees in Los Angeles - bring on the (decorative) scarves!..... it's time for a little hot cocoa. Actually it's time for the annual Dessert Party and the hot cocoa bar. The bar was a new idea and a big hit last year so it's definitely happening again but,… Continue reading Hot Cocoa Sign with a Free Printable

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It’s (already?) Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

I'm not a big fan of the whole "rushing the holidays" phenomenon. It somehow felt like Halloween was over around the 25th.  The displays were down, everything was on "huge reduction" sales etc. I had to keep reminding myself that Halloween hadn't actually happened yet. Having said that.... Please join me as I add to… Continue reading It’s (already?) Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

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Happy Halloween!

I, the Great Pumpkin And my glum Victorian Pals Would like to wish you all  I peaked a bit early on Halloween this year what with getting ready for Midsummer Scream all the way back in August so I thought I'd post all the Halloween projects from this year as well as a few favorites… Continue reading Happy Halloween!

Vintage Halloween Decor Idea
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Thrift Store Frame Halloween Decoration

Alternate titles for this post that were considered: Bat’s Incredible (too conceited) Bat’s Not All Folks! Bat-tle of ideas! Bat’l Do Pig My Belfry is Empty Bat-tastrophe (in case things went sideways) OK, it’s crazy hot in Los Angeles again and it’s messing with my inner rhythms which are clearly telling me I want to… Continue reading Thrift Store Frame Halloween Decoration

Halloween Bat Hanger by Cheltenham Road
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Reclaimed Wood Halloween Bat

Hello. This post was going to be titled: "Surrounded by Craft Supplies and Out of Ideas" which is the state I've been in for the past week or so. But then, as is often the case, just as I sat down to admit defeat, I had in inconveniently timed, sort of iffy, idea! Welcome to… Continue reading Reclaimed Wood Halloween Bat