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Easter Edition: Mo’ Bunny Mo’ Problems

The Goal: Come up wit a fun Easter Project. Spoiler: I didn't. You see I’ve spent the last couple of weeks pursuing my lifelong dream of being really tired all the time. I've been in a coaster-making frenzy with hundreds and hundreds due. But that's really the definition of a "good problem" isn't it? So,… Continue reading Easter Edition: Mo’ Bunny Mo’ Problems

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The Best One Year Anniversary Gift Idea

I've talked a lot about my family's creativity.  Dad, mom, sisters - all do terrific work. Happily, the gene doesn't skip generations. You may recall, a few years ago, my niece, Maggie did a guest blog post here detailing her makeover of her office.  It was wonderful! Well, it was wonderful until she got more comments… Continue reading The Best One Year Anniversary Gift Idea

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Sally’s Visit and Paper Jewelry

My sister Sally is visiting me this week. My oldest sister and I have a lot in common and once she stopped using the phrase "unnecessary addition" and "ruined everything" to describe my birth we've gotten along great!* (*I'm joking of course, everyone always has been and always will be overjoyed to have me around. … Continue reading Sally’s Visit and Paper Jewelry

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Father’s Day Photo Frame

Happy Father's Day to everyone!!! The other day I posted my Father's Day idea for Mod Podge Rocks. It was a fun, insanely easy and I know my dad would dig it but  it's not what he's getting because A) I'm not going to try to figure out how ship a 3 foot long sign,  and B)… Continue reading Father’s Day Photo Frame

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Easy Father’s Day Wall Art Tutorial

My dad is the best. However he's a bit hard to shop for for Father's Day and I always get sorta stuck for unique gift ideas (the man needs another book like I need to bump my head on something) But this year,  I had two  ideas!  TWO!!!!! The only problem was that I had… Continue reading Easy Father’s Day Wall Art Tutorial