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You all really made me laugh!

Thank you all so much for weighing in on the photos!  I loved your responses and you manged to both totally crack me up and really help with the decision.

It was pretty clear that Option A – I’m a Lawyer made everyone, understandably, mistrust me.  Option B got several good votes and Option C – scruffy but responsible and perhaps a bit dimwitted seemed the most appropriate.

However, the general sense I got (and I was feeling that way too – hence the post) was that all of them were a bit too somber for the tone of the blog.  I don’t know why I was sooooo serious the day.  I swear I really am capable of more than one facial expression.

So, I think I’m going to hold off until I get a happy David photo that I like.

Option A did, however land me an audition yesterday.  I don’t talk much about auditions because they are usually not very interesting but sometimes there is a fun benefit.

This one happened to be on the CBS Studio Lot which has a long history beginning with the Keystone Cops.  Tons of shows were filmed there: Wild Wild West, Gunsmoke, Mary Tyler Moore, Gilligans Island etc etc.

The cool thing about studio lots is that they use every nook and cranny.  Every building is a potential set and every set is a potential office.  CBS has several backlot “streets” that you’d recognize and my audition took place in this “house”Anybody recognize it?

It’s the My Three Son’s house!

Behind the facade it’s just a kind of dull, generic office complex but just walking up to and through the door was totally fun.

The audition went fine (actor code speak for “I didn’t get it”) but I’m such a geek for this stuff I just love being there!

OK this post was actually supposed to be about other things so tune in next time for new projects, a guest post from my talented niece, and the status on my nutso holiday schedule.

But before I go: To my eastern or easternish readers I’m sending all good thoughts that the promised Monster Storm turns out to be a lot of hype and not a lot of storm.

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