I’ve been surrounded by amazingly creative people my whole life.

    My mom can, and does, make anything.  The family has on occasion speculated that she just whipped up my dad one day when she discovered some left over fabric and stuffing.  My three sisters have mad skills ranging from needlework to cooking to out and out ART.  My father’s desk when I was growing up had a model train set going around it, oh, and he made that desk-from scratch.
    I’m the youngest and, as you can imagine, it’s a hard series of acts to follow.  Truth be told, I’ve spent many, many years suppressing the creative instincts I learned at home. 
    But I realized (rather late in life) that few things bring me more joy than making and creating.  For the longest time when I went to stores I didn’t think,  “I want that” I thought, “I can make that.” And, with a deep breath and a leap, I’ve started on a very new, kinda scary path.  I’ve given up my steady, dependable (dull!) corporate life to spend my days happily humming away in my garage designing, creating, painting, decoupaging and sawing and, since this blog will be an honest take on things, there is also a fair amount of tripping, spilling and swearing.
    Through this blog I hope to share with you the struggles and (hopefully) triumphs of a very non-businessy business person.  I also hope to make this blog a resource for people who like to work with their hands and who are, like me, always looking at things and thinking “I could make that!”
    I’ve lived many places since I left Cheltenham Road; I currently live in Los Angeles California.
    So, with this preamble- Welcome to Cheltenham Road!  Please come on over and make yourself comfortable – the place is always open.

29 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi David! It’s Chloe (From Apollo)

    Love the blog!! Truly amazing work. You are quite talented :]

    How often are you at the Rose Bowl flea market?? Just moved into a new apartment and I’m in the market for a coffee table/ among other things.

    Take care!!

      1. Hi Michelle,
        The name Cheltenham clearly inspires creativity!
        I must say the bathroom looks top notch (great floor tiles and the glass ones are way cool). And your signs are way cool. I just bought a cameo and need to take some lessons from you.

  2. Hi David,

    In January I was at the Rose Bowl Flea Market and I came across your stand. I loved all the furniture, especially the white French label table that said “chocolat” on the top. I ended up not buying it back then but I couldn’t get it out of my head, so in February I went back to the flea market. This time, I wasn’t able to locate your stand (I was with my aunt and she got a bit frustrated that all I wanted to do was find the stand and the little white table).

    Fortunately, I’m really good at Googling and so just today I came across your site after searching for the black London dresser (which I really really really liked as well).

    Anyways, I am so happy to have found your blog! Your work is really good. Do you still make the French label tables or do you have any left? I am still very interested in purchasing it.

    Thank you so much,

  3. Love! Love! Love your blog! I am an Ohio transplant in Louisiana, so your appreciation of Ohio gives me the warm fuzzies. (I miss it a lot!) And your furniture projects are absolutely gorgeous! I look forward to reading more. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Hello! I too have just found your blog and read ALL of it yesterday morning. I’m from Bucyrus, Ohio, went to nursing school at Riverside Hospital and lived in Columbus before moving to Austin, Tx. Anyway, I LOVE your wit, writing, and creations, and will check your blog frequently.

    1. Hi Jo Ann and thank you so much! I was born in Riverside Hospital!!!!
      I will try to keep up with regular posts……someday……I promise……..
      Also, I have so many friends who have moved to Austin – I must check it out one day soon.

  5. Hello David – Don’t you luv search engines? Was doing a web search on my favorite fabric store which led me to a blog which had a link to Mod Podge Rocks which then lead me here. Unfortunately as an adult who must awaken early in the morning for work I must shut down here for the evening and be responsible.
    We must have a genetic link concerning reading-Is there anything available in the form of written words that is not fabulous? During the long summer afternoons here in the Arizona desert when the latest round of library books had been consumed and the next trip for new ones was days away I read random volumes from our encyclopedia set(possibly gave my age away?!). There wasn’t much detail in the encyclopedias but it opened up so ideas and concepts that could be further studied with the next trip to the library.

    Then I had the pure joy of reading about your sneaky misspellings. So enjoyed your account and your possible alternatives. Particularly the Aimless Floozy one. I love the word Floozy so fitting at times but also so open for individual interpretation. Considering ordering from you “Floozy”, aimless not so much. Thank you for the delightful laugh.

    And I am soo looking forward to some free time this weekend to really give you blog a read through.

    Have a wonderful remainder of this beautiful week!


    1. Thanks for your note Liz. YES! Floozy is an awesome word! I try to use it as often as possible…..which can get me into trouble. Reading encyclopedias! I admire your commitment (and I never want to play trivial pursuit with you). Enjoy the desert and the library books and thanks again!

  6. Hi David-
    I bought 6 of your vintage So Cal locale votive blocks at Angelo Home and I’m just about to post them to my blog, downtownboomer.com –I’m starting a new category: Friday Frivolity–every Friday I’m featuring something I think would make a perfect gift or a great little indulgence that comes from our wonderful little city of Los Angeles. Happy to make you my first posting! I love how these votives look lined up at corner angles so you can see the great colors and designs playing off each other. At night when the votives are lit they’re sublime!

  7. Hi David,
    I’ve just found your blog from Flipboard and I am torn between two “frustrations” : 1st one is L.A is soooo far from Gruyère, Switzerland. I’d love to visit you but it will be in the future ( in your new store with 3 floors with Swiss chocolate for you ).
    The 2nd “frustration” is that after 3 days to read all the pages, marvelling about your way ( from your garage to a store ), I realize that my path to creativity as lively as yours will be very long 😦
    But I don’t want to compare my chapter 1 to your chapter 30 🙂 so I will try my move and sometimes, pick up ideas from your blog. Keep going to inspire me !
    Thanks again,

    PS : Thanks to explain the products used ( I’ve found Mod Podge : successfully used to transfer photo on wood but not sure to find all equivalences you quote )

  8. I just read that you’re at the Rosebowl Flea Market! Can you tell me the location of your stand please. See you on the second Sunday of the month!

    1. Hey Justine,
      I’m so sorry. I’m afraid I no longer sell at the Rose Bowl. Just didn’t seem to be the right venue for me after a while. It’s a great Sunday outing though – have fun!

  9. I was trying to do a “hit & run” through some new blog post notices in my in box. Saw your rustic trays at My Salvaged Treasures, followed the link and….45 minutes later….thanks David.
    Okay, my day is getting a late start now, but I’ll be back to check out more of your zaniness, great humor, and creativity! A n d- I feel compelled to check in on my “blood brother” –I’m a “little” accident-prone too! (..there is also a fair amount of tripping, spilling and swearing—yeah, me too.)
    Are we related? I’m the baby with 3 big brothers and my mom says I’m the handiest man she knows. Hope you’ll check out MY blog–you might find/see many parallels too!
    Your newest follower–

  10. Hello,

    I hope you are well? Sorry to hear about stepping back onto that Bee… Ouch! Hope you are feeling better and no longer jet lagged.

    Your work is amazing and very inspiring too.

    I wanted to advice about using Mod Podge and how to achieve a gloss finish to the entire surface onto cardstock (200-300 gsm) – tags, and toppers, stops of card etc.

    How do I achieve it using Magical Dimensions – I hear it can use also?, And can Super Gloss Mod Podge be also used or does it have to be Gloss only?

    Also, how do I achieve a ‘streak- free’ finish, should I use a sponge or which brush do you recommend?

    I look forward to hearing from you and many thanks!


    1. Hi Fil – thanks so much. I haven’t had much experience with Dimensional Magic but I found several useful articles about working with it over on the Mod Podge Rocks blog (Amy works with all the MP products). Here’s a link to one of them that might give some insights: http://modpodgerocksblog.com/2015/08/glossy-monogrammed-key-chains.html
      Super Gloss Mod Podge would also work quite well but keep in mind it can have a lengthy drying time. I use disposable sponge brushes when working with Mod Podge but you may need to experiment depending on how particular you are about the final look.
      I hope that helps. Please don’t hesitate if you have any other questions and do share pics of your finished projects if you are so inclined.

  11. Hi David –

    I’m wondering…..with the MOTHER’S DAY PHOTO VASES FROM PVC PIPE project, why do you soak the pics in water beforehand? Can’t you do it with the dry photos?

    Thanks, Jim

    1. Hi Jim. I always dip my paper in water for a few seconds before mod-podging it into place. It relaxes the fibers in the paper which makes it much easier to smooth down with fewer bumps, wrinkles and air pockets. It’s not necssary by any means – you can totally skip it – I just find it makes life easier. Hope that helps.

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