Colorful vintage style serving tray
New Products

Trays, Trays, Trays, Napping and Flooding

So, one of my many goals of 2019 is to finally bring some new items to market.

Man cannot live by coaster alone! (but man should always use a coaster – ALWAYS!)

Up first on the list are my serving trays.

If you’ve been with me for a while you know I’ve been making these (and sharing how I make them) right along.

They have been a hit at in-person shows and at the various local stores that carry them.

However, selling them online requires taking photos, figuring out how to ship them them etc and I’ve been dragging my feet on that front.

But no more!

I’m happy to report that I’ve used this time of crappy weather to get the first four designs up on Etsy.

First up is one of my best sellers – inspired by those great WPA posters for our National Parks

National Parkscolorful serving tray

And if you know me you know of my (somewhat inexplicable) love for vintage milk bottle caps has no bounds so, naturally there has to be a Vintage Dairy Serving TrayColorful Serving Tray

And one of the more fun things I’ve been designing over the past year are so are my “vintage” airport code, luggage tag coasters

so, naturally, there has to go with them!

Vintage Airport Code Luggage Tag TrayColorful vintage style serving tray

And lastly, these fun, colorful, antique bicycle ads always make me smile

Vintage BicyclesColorful Vintage Serving Tray

On the way are Library Cards, Vintage Bathing Beauties, Patent Art, Los Angeles and a raft of other ideas.

Other than that achievement -which, though it’s silly, I have to tell you feels like a huge hurdle hurdled- it has been slow around here mostly because of the aforementioned lousy weather.

While it is no “polar vortex” (and my sincere sympathies to those who have and are experiencing that) I do feel Los Angeles, perhaps, needs a third weather option?

Maybe, just maybe, we could get something that would be in-between “no weather” and “biblical” weather?  Just a thought.

It rained for four straight days last week and my garage/workshop partially flooded which had a distinctly chilling effect on my productivity.

However, the gloomy weather did justify extensive napping which is a bonus.

The other day I lay down on the sofa for a nice nap ….by myself….and awoke to this view

Now Pi is always up for a snooze but how, exactly, does one fall asleep like this?

OK, well the sun is sorta out today and it’s time to get back to work.  Those trays won’t make themselves!


10 thoughts on “Trays, Trays, Trays, Napping and Flooding”

  1. You seem awfully busy out on the Pacific coast, working and mopping. Up here on the Ohio North coast we have no epic weather to contend with right now so I would be happy to be your “stand in” for napping.

  2. Since you seem unaware, Pi is demonstrating an advanced Yoga position. He has obviously mastered Downward Dog and moved onto Spread Eagle Dog – a risky position for novices. Please don’t attempt this yourself without the benefit of “spotters” to prevent self-inflicted injury and accept that the spotters will likely become somewhat nauseous.
    Carry on.

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