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Artist Dates and Not Getting Organized

It has taken a turn for the cold and rainy here in warm and sunny Los Angeles.

When it’s nice (which is pretty much all the time) you feel like you shouldn’t waste “a beautiful sunny day”

But when it’s rainy and cold your thoughts can turn, guilt-free to napping with the dog staying inside and getting stuff done!

…….OK, there has also been napping with the dog

I’ve decided 2019 will be the year that I go on Artist Dates (more on that later) and Not Getting Organized.

“What?” you say? “You’re vowing to be more disorganized?  Is that even possible?!!!”

No!  I’m vowing to get organized and STAY organized and, therefore, never have to get organized again!

I feel like “getting organized” for me is a crutch and a time waster and an excuse…”when I get organized I will…..” etc.

This is the year where I maintain the organization I’ve already organized.


Coasters are my bread and butter but a chaotic “factory,” sucks up my time and leaves no breathing room for new stuff.  I don’t want to continue that cycle.

The regular production coasters are in their individual plastic bins.Craft room organization.

Each bin contains finished coasters.

Each lid has an inventory sheet and easily accessed cut graphics all ready to go (they are modified DVD holders from Staples taped to the lid).

With that aspect of the operation rolling along I can have time for Artist Dates.

Yep, me an Picasso are totally gonna hang out.

OK, no.  Here’s the deal:

Back in the 90s (which I tend to think of as being “just a little while ago” until I look at a calendar and feel a deep need to lie down or sign up for AARP) I bought  a book called The Artists Way

It was full of exercises to free up your creativity and get the juices flowing.   It was fun and useful but one concept has really stuck with me:

The Artists Date

The idea is that you should, once a week at least, take yourself somewhere to rev your creative energy, see new things etc.  It could be anything, a museum, a park, an art show and so on.

When I do it I do feel refreshed and revived.

But I haven’t been doing it.

I rarely make time to pull myself away from “the factory.”

But when I do get out (and not just to do errands or run to Michaels) it’s amazing how much it re-energizes me with ideas and enthusiasm.

To that end, on Saturday I took myself to The Antique Postcard Show in Glendale.

OK, as you can see, it was not, perhaps, the most exciting date” I’ve ever gone on

but the place was filled with terrific graphics, new images and supplies.  I picked up these vintage Postcard Folders and some fun maps.

And then on Saturday night, overcome with creative impulses, I stopped work and focused on what really matters in life:

Making tiny cannoli and a tiny cannoli stand.

I used some mini ice cream cones I’d gotten for the Christmas party (from this Etsy shop) and this recipe.

Won’t those be fun at a party?  So easy to make and I can think of a ton of variations.  Perfect!

See?! Artist Dates can take you in directions you never imagined (or possibly shouldn’t imagine…..I ate all of them….)

OK, the coasters are calling

– life can’t all be artist dates and tiny Italian desserts –

and it’s time to continue being organized and efficient.




15 thoughts on “Artist Dates and Not Getting Organized”

  1. You are so right about “artist dates” and getting away from your routine. I always come home with a new found energy and ideas. Of course, I really liked your mini deserts! Way to go. And yes, I would have eaten all of them as well!

  2. My biggest concern is that you will begin to consider Star Wars/Trek conventions as an Artist date. I envision you dressed up as some intergalactic character and convincing yourself it’s all a sacrifice to advance your artistic eye. Worse yet, poor Pi will be your costumed sidekick while he furiously uses his cell phone to call for help. And what is the take away from this vision? I’m thinking you could make a killing selling coasters from that Star Wars bar. Is there no way to escape thoughts of making a profit on any insane idea?

      1. Just eat it before it spoils. Or freeze it. That’s what they do in the months leading up to the Italian Festival. They make a bunch and freeze them.

  3. I love you and I love your posts. You always either crack me up or at least make me smile. I HAVE that book…and years ago I tried doing Artist Dates, and yes, they are so inspirational! You have inspired me to try again. Thank you!

    1. Excellent! Isn’t it odd/funny how we do things that work and then….just stop? I mean, it’s not like I ever went on a bad artists date…why did I just let it fall by the wayside?

      1. I once went on a “bad artists” date. It involved a seedy basement apartment, various macaroni shapes that were sorted and framed, and an “in residence artist” who wore an apron smelling of mackerel and who smiled inappropriately and frighteningly at people who were not at all certain they had come to the right art show. And then there was my date who took me there…… I’m still in therapy.

  4. Your posts always make me laugh! I lost my house to hurdle mile, so when I rebuild (hopefully in2019-contractors are 3-6 months out to begin new construction, can you make me a home sign with Panama City Florida graphics? I actually have a few maps. And an old book about PCB history that I would love for you to use in the sign. What’s the best way to commission a piece? Thanks. Pls email me at klpich at aol dot com 🙂

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your home Robin! I can’t imagine how devastating that must have been. I would, of course, be more than happy to make you a HOME sign – just say the word! We can do it via Etsy when the time comes. And I would just need high res scans of the images/maps that you would like to use (and I can do some research on finding images too). Looking forward to it!

  5. WOW! Sooo impressed with this organization! Even if it’s just your coasters and everything else is (hypothetically) a total disaster. Bread and butter on track so you can keep up the good work and continue to let the creative juices flow. Love the artist date idea!

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