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It’s a New Year

People have often told me that I have trouble living in the moment; that I spend too much time looking backwards, stuck in nostalgia for yesterday.

Well no more!

Welcome to 2019!

Where it is all about new and now and tomorrow 

…………..still Christmas at my house.

OK, not a promising start.

But I have an excuse!

I want to be better prepped for NEXT Christmas so I’ve been trying to execute all the ideas I had for this year that I didn’t get to.

Genius right?!

Of course I did this last year too.  And some of you may be wondering what happened to some of those projects which, um, didn’t seem to appear.

Here’s the deal.

While I started those projects I neglected to take into account that it is not the “coming up with the idea and making it” part of blogging that is time consuming.  It’s the photographing, editing and writing about the project that takes hours and hours and I, um, neglected to do that.

But, now…now it’s 2019 and I’m all about planning and completing.


I spent yesterday madly photographing multiple Christmas projects.

It was fun….although I feel like Pi was judging me.

I glanced over in the midst of full-Christmas and was met with this face:

Is it just me or does that look not say “what the hell are you doing?!”

Anyway, welcome to Christmas 2019: Sneak Preview

(I really do hope galvanized metal hasn’t gone by the wayside next December)

You may recall my cookie serving……tray? thing? bin? (anybody know what to call this thing?) from this year’s partyI liked it a lot but had an idea that I just couldn’t shake about making it look a bit more vintage Christmas

They key was figuring out how to get white text on a image transfer and I think  I licked it!

Rattling around in my head for, quite honestly, several years has been the idea had for one of those paper mache houses that you see in the craft stores

I thought it would be cool to use vintage Christmas wrapping paper to decorate it

It’s not quite done -I think I’m going to have to give in and use some of the dreaded glitter and it might look better if I framed the door and windows – but I like how it’s coming along!

I also used this tiered serving tray at the party this year 

it too felt a bit plain so…..

Side-note: I’ve been asked to share recipes from the Holiday Party.  

In this case my Hot Chocolate Pie is just a graham cracker crust (not baked).  The filling is dark chocolate pudding but I replaced half of the milk called for in the instructions with brewed, cooled coffee.  For the party I did a piped on marshmallow fluff topping – which is better than the individual mini-marshmallows shown here – and browned them with a kitchen torch.  They were a hit and would, of course, work anytime, not just Christmas

And finally (well, not really, I have several more ideas) I bought this super cheap, metal lantern

and did a Christmas paint job on it.

I like the idea of this little display but it needs some work.  Clearly I still need to refine my approach to “snow” as this has less of a charming-winter-tableau feel  and more a “dear god we have a weather emergency!” vibe.

But I like how the lantern came out!

So, all in all, I’m having fun in my never-ending-Christmas.

Although Pi is still judging me






18 thoughts on “It’s a New Year”

  1. Love your ideas, as always. Maybe Pi is just thinking “is this guy EVER going to just touch the monkey?”

  2. Perhaps, Pi is just feeling neglected, and therefore, begrudging your hard work.

    As for the renovated papier-mache` house, if in doubt, glitter is always the answer.

    Christmas came down on Saturday, as I had labor to carry the boxes to the basement before said [free] labor returned to college.


    1. You clearly planned wisely! However, I’m not sure glitter is ever the answer – I rank it up there with printer toner and powdered sugar on the list of things that make horrible un-cleanupable messes – but I acknowledge your point of view.

  3. L-U-U-U-V it all!
    I’m probably gonna’ have to copy a few things! 😉
    But, um, David, my “blood” bruh? Do you thing the kitchen torch is a good idea? Kinka rememberin’ your lenk tool stories….😳

  4. On Christmas items, I use spray glitter on nearly everything! It’s just enough, but not too much, and so easy! All of your projects look great. I thought the cookie bin looked good before, but the ‘after’ is so much better. Did you re-make the Hot Chocolate Pie and other goodies just for the ‘after’ photos? Now that’s dedication.

    1. In all honesty, yes, I did make them for this photo shoot.
      And then I ate them.
      THAT is the kind of selfless, noble, sacrifice I’m willing to make for my blog readers. You’re welcome!

  5. I may be crazy, but I don’t really think you meant you licked the galvazined tray?

    “They key was figuring out how to get white text on a image transfer and I think I licked it!”

      1. Haha. Too funny. I’m still trying to figure out what you meant in that sentence. I had just copied and pasted what you wrote under the first photo of the finished galvanized tray.

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