Christmas Season Report: Less Ass Kicky than Before

Happy New Year to all of you!

I just realized I forgot to do my annual Christmas Season Report.

As long-time readers know, every year Christmas, well…. kicks my ass.

From being overwhelmed by (and under prepared for) massive coaster orders – to bonking my head on some usually-inanimate-but-for-some-reason suddenly-kinetic object such as a wall or the driveway, each Holiday Season has been a sort of happy nightmare.

However, this holiday season was quite successful while simultaneously being less ass-kicky!

(OK, in all honesty I did hit my head in the kitchen just before my Christmas party.  But I will go to my grave safe in the absolute sureness that that cabinet was NOT there before.)


I held to my guns and MADE myself prepare better by making a lot of coasters in advance during the summer.

So. Many. CoastersThis was good but it wasn’t quite good enough because according to a quick calculation between Nov 1st and December 20th I made approximately 2,740 coasters.

Coasters for stores

Coasters for shows:

Coasters for teacher gifts:

And coasters for family:

So….. a lot of coasters.

And signs:

And Patent Art

And magnets:Handmade Magnets by Cheltenham Road

And everything went out on time!

The only real hitch occurred when my mailman picked up 50 outgoing orders from the porch and hit “delivered” on his scanner rather than “picked up.”

This led to 50 panicky customers getting email notifications that their Christmas presents had been delivered to some random address in Los Angeles.

However, everyone, to-a-person, was totally understanding and completely patient.  I really do have the BEST customers.

I’m afraid all this making interrupted Pi’s rather extensive and, frankly, uncomfortable looking, napping schedule:

but, occasionally I succumbed to his request to “touch his monkey.”

And had my annual holiday dessert party!

So, all-in-all, not bad!  Not bad at all.  And next year will be even better.  I have plans!

And now I want to give a heartfelt THANK YOU! to all of you who have followed along.

In all sincerity your comments, encouragement, (occasional mocking) and support is a huge part of what keeps me going and trying new things.

I hear you in my head as I work (along with all the other voices that my therapist says I should ignore) and, honestly, I wouldn’t even be close to where I am without you all.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

So I wish you all the very Happiest of New Years and I’m really looking forward to sharing 2019 with you!


23 thoughts on “Christmas Season Report: Less Ass Kicky than Before”

  1. Wishing you the happiest of new years! May this coming year bring every good thing your way ( and no injuries)! I do have to tell you though, since making your hot cocoa sign, I have been drinking homemade cocoa almost every day. Obviously, I am a prime candidate for advertising. Oh well, at least the cocoa is tasty.

  2. HaPPy NeW YeaR David!
    “…occasional mocking” you say. Not from THIS “blood-sista!” 😉
    Btw- I sanded my thumb by the knuckle 2 days before Christmas. AFter I screamed for the shock & pain & blood~I thought of YOU-and that I wasn’t alone. Most Probably. 😉

    1. I’m very sorry to hear it!
      And while I always like knowing that people are thinking about me I’m sorta mixed on the “I’ve just painfully injured myself in a slightly dippy way – that’s SO DAVID!” aspect…..
      However, sadly, I can relate totally. I sanded off part of my hand several years ago and the scar has just recently faded away. You have my true sympathies.

  3. Well, I can top all of you. I broke my wrist by falling off a folding chair just after Thanksgiving. I haven’t even been able to twist the cap off a jar of Mod Podge, let alone make fabulous decorations and confections like I see in your pictures, David. And I am so impressed with the beauty of all the coasters on display together. What good work. Now take a break and play with a monkey.

    1. Ahhh. I learned long ago never to drink and sit in a folding chair. Are you aware that humans can be folded just like origami? With less pleasing results, of course. AND, are you of a generation where “playing with the monkey” has an entirely different connotation? That’s not an image to begin a new year with.

      1. I just want to make it clear that it was SALLY who was foolish enough to stand on a folding chair. I (without tripping or falling in any way), simply managed bang my head on driveway while picking something up. Very different.

      2. I am of a very old generation (one that should not stand on chairs); but I was aware after I wrote it that “playing with a monkey” is a faintly disturbing idea. Yet it seems to work for Pi.

  4. Your patent art makes my heart go pitty pat. I’m certain there’s a medical patent that addresses this ventricular fibrillation. So glad your holiday was less self abusive.

  5. Oh, I forgot to mention. Please post more about Pi. It’s not that your ramblings have no interest, but one only needs to check YouTube stats to see that we humans have lost interest in one another in favor of cats playing the piano. Is Pi proficient in any musical instrument? Don’t ask me why but l see him favoring the French Horn or Oboe.

    1. I’ve often suggested to Pi that he needs a hobby (stamp collecting I thought) or to do some volunteer work. Perhaps I could convince him to take up an instrument. Based on his affection for squeeky toys I’m thinking the kazoo would be his sort of thing.

    1. Absolutely. Do you mean here or in some future blog post?
      I will say that I found great, very do-able ideas (like my cupcakes with christmas trees on top) via The Preppy Kitchen – blog and instagram.

  6. I don’t comment too often, but I’ve said it before and probably will again…You crack me up! I love your work as well as your humor and so look forward to seeing Cheltenham Road listed in my inbox. As a fellow Ohioan and former woodworking, base-coating, sanding (Oh the never-ending sanding), painting, Mod Podging craft show vagabond, I feel we are akin. You much more clever and witty than I, but sharing in similar experiences for sure. Especially the “learn from your mistakes” kind. Your good humor and ability to laugh at yourself after those moments is refreshing and uplifting. And your followers are also similarly humorous, So, very happy for your well prepared season and hoping you have a great 2019! Now take a little breather, give yourself a pat on the back, and then get back to work! ;0)

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