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The Perfect Craft Show Table

It has become pretty clear that my Cart and my Horse don’t even run in the same social circles let alone work together in a coordinated, orderly fashion.

So it should come as no surprise that I made this insanely useful, adaptable table and THEN thought: “this would be a great blog post subject!”

Ah well.  What follows is the “this what I did….. just trust me” version of a tutorial.

It started when the folks that run Jackalope Artisan Fairs asked if I might make something like this for them.

They’d seen them at another show and thought they would make a great place for folks to set their food down etc.

To me it looked just like a modified police barricade so I googled “Police Barricade” and found a lot of unhelpful things (and probably gained some kind of “watch this guy” tracking thing on my computer).

But eventually I realized it was just a sawhorse and stumbled upon this perfect diagram:

Diagram Courtesy of


Following the plans it was insanely easy to build.  Just a few pieces of 1×4 cut down at (mostly) 15 degree angles and assembled. I just added a top “table” to mine using a 1×8 piece of pine that was screwed to the stretcher.

And that is when it dawned on me that this might be the perfect solution to my craft show table problem!!

Standard folding tables are usually about 2′ wide which is a little more depth than really I need and with space at a premium in a 10×10 booth I’ve always wanted to find a good alternative.

There are, to be sure, narrower tables available but they are oddly expensive and this seemed like something that would provide a lot of versatility.

What’s great with this is that, once you build the legs, the stretcher and tabletop can be pretty much any size or length that suits your needs.

For this time around I just used a piece of scrap plywood cut to a rectangle to display trays.

I also made a little bottom shelf using leftover 1×4 that just slips down in between the struts on the legs.  This gives me a little more display space and also helps with stability.

Best of all the whole thing breaks down to just a few pieces for easy transport.

My little table made it’s debut at Jackalope Pasadena and worked great.

Also making its debut at Jackalope was my new Coaster Display set up.

My original towers worked well.  However it seemed like the coasters down at the bottom never sold as well since people had to be willing to crouch to see them.  I’d actually started to leave those rows empty which wasn’t a great look.

With this new set up I still have the tower out front to catch people’s eye but I cut the other towers down to “table-top” versions and added a little shelf so people could lay out their choices.

It’s an easy set up, much easier to lug around and sales went up A LOT!  Best of all, the variety of sales went up too.

Today I’m doing the Patchwork Santa Ana show so we’ll see if the trend continues!

Ok, I must go back to cleaning the dishes and eating dinner…wait.. that’s not right……argh!!!! stupid horse…….


6 thoughts on “The Perfect Craft Show Table”

  1. I had to laugh when you mentioned gaining a “watch this guy” tracker on your computer. I read your posts on my phone and when an email comes through in my mailbox, there’s not enough space to give me a full title to your post. So, in my box this was titled “The Perfect Cr…”. My first reaction to seeing that was to guess “The Perfect Crime”??????? In my head: “Well there you go. He’s gone and done something. I’ll have to wipe any connection to him. Unsubscribe. Purge my search history. Set up an alibi. Is that two men in suits knocking on my door now? Arghhhhh.” But the good news is that you made a lovely table for us to sit across from each other when I visit you in the slammer. Great and clever work! Pine is the new black.

  2. The “Set Up” King and his sidekick strike again! You just keep evolving your booth to the point that I am betting other boothers (I just made that up) probably walk by and think… holey, I need to do something like that. The table area for people to put selections down on is a great idea.

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