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Over the Table Display: Part 2 – Electric Boogaloo

It’s time!

The second and final installment of the Over the Table Display Tutorial!

(Sorry to just spring it on you like that.  Hope you were sitting down)

OK, in all honesty I’ve been dragging my feet about this post because:

A) it’s pretty dang niche but, more importantly,

B) I knew the pictures I had of it were terrible.

Now, clearly, as we’ve all witnessed, I’m no stranger to posting lousy pictures online but, the thing is, it’s a really good idea – useful, versatile, easy to make and portable – and it is sorta defeating to post bad pictures of good ideas.

But, nevertheless….here we are.

So, for those who have somehow forgotten this exciting tale:

Previously, on Cheltenham Road

I had a 6 foot table spot at a Halloween show and wanted to maximize the display space.

I needed an over-the-table structure that was stable, sturdy, easy to put up and even easier to take down (I was tired of spending time screwing and unscrewing my displays).

I knocked together a quickie version out of scrap wood for the show:Cheltenham RoadHalloween Craft Fair Booth

and it worked great!  But wanted something a bit more polished to use going forward.

You can read Part 1 of the tutorial here – which has all the details about lumber sizes, cutting and assembling.

The new display made it’s official debut at the Abbott Kinney Festival in Venice Beach and it worked great!

It gave me a lot of versatile display space and it got things up above eye level so someone passing by could see it over the heads of the crowd.

I know, you can’t really see it very well in those shots.

But I kinda knew that would happen so I did a quick mock-up/set-up in front of my garage door the day before the show.

Here you can see a bit more clearly how the display goes together.

The legs just slide into the bases- no screws or adjustments needed.  

And the top struts are held in place with simple, hand tightened, nuts and bolts.

I’m always coming up with new signs that need to be hung and I wanted to avoid having to put in multiple screws all over the place as displays changed.

So, as an experiment, on the top strut I rigged up a piece of picture wire running from end to end with a couple of screws in the middle to provide support.

The signs (in this case the BEACH letters) hang on inexpensive picture hangers attached to the wire.

It worked quite well although I still had a bit more slack than I wanted. 

I have “fix” in mind where you could add tension to the wire kind of like tuning a guitar.  I’ll keep you posted.

Overall I’m very pleased with it.

6 pieces that are easily packed up (no hauling heavy, clunky things around) and about a 5 minute set up.

And that concludes today’s post: Bad Pictures of Good Ideas.

Tune in next week when I plan to jump the gun and start talking about Christmas!



10 thoughts on “Over the Table Display: Part 2 – Electric Boogaloo”

    1. You have such mad skills I have no doubt they do look amazing! But boy, when the end of the loooooong day comes I really hate being the last vendor there still taking apart my booth. Hopefully this will speed things up.

  1. In the voices of the movie reviewers of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 as they stare at the screen…
    Robot #1: Where are the scantily clad women who are the best at selling stuff? (popcorn drops from his hand).
    Robot #2: At the beach! Can’t you see the sign?
    Robot #1: Do you think they are dancing the “jerk” to the dulcet tones of Beach Blanket Bingo?
    Robot #2: (crawls over Robot #1 to beat him to the exit and get to the beach).
    That’s all I got other than….. genius!

    1. I will tell you that my best sales days were the ones when I hired my really beautiful nieces to help me in the booth. I will also tell you that my worst sales day involved me wearing a bikini.

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