Linda’s Lab – A Very Young Scientist

A long put-off project has begun!

This blog is being updated!

It’s not going well!

I appreciate your patience as I attempt to overcome insurmountable problems that would fluster even the greatest mind – such as, “why is that picture enormous?” and “why is that font so ugly….and small…..?”

One would think those problems could be easily fixed.

One would be wrong.

Stay tuned.

As a contrast to my garmet-rending frustration I wanted to share a totally charming story about where running a handmade business can sometimes take you.

Sometime late last year a customer contacted me via Etsy to see if I could make larger, custom, versions of my Periodic Table – Cheers for Science coasters:

(PSA: clicking on the pics will take you to the listing on Etsy – in case you’re keen on some science geeky coasters!)

Handmade Drink Coasters
Periodic Table Drink Coaster Set

What they needed were larger tiles that could form a sign that spelled out “Linda’s Lab.”

Turns out they were for a little girl who, though not yet in 1st grade, wants to be a scientist!  The aforementioned Linda:  

(I checked with her mom to make sure it was OK to tell her story here)

I, of course, said “yes!” and produced the following:handmade Periodic Table Sign

Mom liked it, Linda liked it, I thought it was a cute story and all was good!

But Linda is not fooling around!

A week or so ago her mom  re-contacted me with a picture of the sign (and Linda) in action and a request

Turns out Linda’s first product is ready to go (!) and she’s in need of a logo that she can use on, you know…. business cards!!!!!

I was, of course, totally on-board and produced the following design:

And, as she has shared on her Linda’s Lab Facebook Page , she has created her first product!

made her first sales!


and formulated a plan!

“On August 4, 2018, three months and one full life cycle from the day Linda set up her original mealworm tank, this became the first dollar Linda’s Lab earned. This special bill serves as a daily reminder that hard work pays off… literally!

For those that aren’t aware of Linda’s long term plan, every dollar she earns (except this one) is going right back into her business. She hopes to grow her business large enough to support production of low-cost, protein-rich mealworm bars. Linda believes mealworms are the answer to world hunger and she plans to provide free mealworm bars to the needy.”

The fact that Linda has a “long term plan” and I’m a bit vague about what I’m doing on Monday is not lost on me.

Oh, and it turns out that, “after meeting with school administration” Linda has accepted an invitation to skip first grade……

…….Have I mentioned that I’m having trouble putting together a drag-and-click website update?

But all I can say is “Go LINDA!”  I’m honored to have been able to contribute to your efforts.

If you’re so inclined please do sign up to follow her FB Page.

And, of course, if you are in immediate need of meal-worms I know this great scientist I can hook you up with…..


6 thoughts on “Linda’s Lab – A Very Young Scientist”

  1. Does she know meal worms are the absolute favorite snack of bluebirds? It’s like bluebird filet mignon. Don’t ask how I know this. BUT she might want to check with pet stores because meal worms are crazy sellers there for people who love bluebirds. Bluebirds are what I love most in this world (don’t tell my husband this but I think he’s suspicious because I grow meal worms too!) He: What the heck is in that multi-drawer thingee? Me: Ummm… stay away unless you have a breathing mask and dont mind mushroom clouds
    On a sort of unrelated subject, why is your font reaching out and threatening to strangle me?

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