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Quick and Easy Desk Organizer Makeover

I seem to have accumulated (through no fault of my own I assure you) a lot of….stuff.  Bits and pieces – parts of grandiose plans that somehow, before they were fully grandios-ed, got supplanted by a different, even better, grandiose plan.

For instance,  a while ago, I got all excited and purchased a bunch of inexpensive desk/organizers that I thought would make great display pieces.

They didn’t.

I’ve just been shuffling them around and thinking “I need to do something with those….someday…….”

And that day has come!

Well…their day came because this was my thought process on Saturday:

(My inner-monologue can be a bit dramatic.)

Anyway, while I was overjoyed to realize I’d already painted one the fact that it was painted flat black threw me until I remembered this dresser that I’d seen a while ago:

I thought that was such a cool effect.

So I grabbed my Waverly Gloss Black paint and a Folk Art Stencil and got to work:

I still have some kind of a weird block about using stencils.  I never want to do it which makes no sense because it’s pretty simple to do and always seems to work just fine.  This was particularly easy and super-quick.  I just taped the stencil in place and tapped away.

(No, I Totally meant to leave the bottom bright yellow and only half-assed paint that front edge.  Why do you ask?)


The stencil worked perfectly and, I am quite sincere when I tell you the whole thing took about 10 minutes.

And now I have this super-cool desk organizer.

……With a totally intentional bright yellow bottom.

And while I probably should have cleaned up the room a bit more before I snapped the photo.  Other aspects of the picture are pretty good!

And, better yet, my friend Karla came over last night, saw the organizer and said “you could totally give that to me and it would be nice.” So I am!


OK, now what to do with the other ones?

Eh, I have a week.  I’ll wait till next Saturday to figure it out.

Disclaimer: The good folks at Plaid provided me with the stencils and paint used on this project but all opinions are my own and was not compensated in any other way.  The links provided are to the Plaid site and are for informational purposes (ie, I don’t get any money if click on them).

12 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Desk Organizer Makeover”

  1. I really like that black on black look. Maybe you should skip the to do list and just make a plaque for the wall that says “Make Coasters”. Maybe with an image of Rosie the Riveter to inspire you. How many coasters have you made now? Millions?

    1. There was a commercial years ago for Winchel’s (or maybe Dunkin’) donuts with the baker getting up super early and stating “time to make the donuts.” I feel a certain kinship with him…..

  2. Your inspiration dresser IS cool and I like your quick project too–reminds me of flocked wall paper! I kind of liked that stuff–after it was painted it looked more like the dresser!

  3. yeah, there’s was a lot of stenciling going on in the 80s and early 90s (guilty). so I do understand the phobia, but it turned out lovely–like a tone-on-tone damask or jacquard pattern.

    you pulled it off, and I love the vignette.


  4. Ahh…a visit to Cheltenham Road never disappoints!

    Love the desk organizer makeover. That black on black is understated gorgeousness. Of course, I also zoomed in to read your to-do list, and again, wasn’t disappointed! Looks like you need to maybe make some coasters? Swimming with dolphins and solving life’s mysteries are also very important! Let’s get on that.


    1. Thank you for the deep dive Tracy! I’ll keep you posted on my progress with the dolphin plan and, of course, when I do solve life’s mysteries you’ll be the first person I call!

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