From the Mailbag!

I have to tell you the truth.

I kind of live for comments on the blog.  They really make my day and I love the community that we all have created.

And while I read and appreciate every single comment, there are a few select ones that never fail to leave me somewhat perplexed.

I’m talking about Spam.

It’s not all bad.  The spam bots can sometimes be quite encouraging.

For instance, I really feel like Alfie has my back:

And while Amberly’s passion regarding my “About Me” page is a bit overwhelming I do feel like I’ve really made an impact with her:


I truly look forward to hearing more from Bernie.  Although I fear we’ll need to overcome a small language barrier before our pen-pal relationship can truly flower:

And while I knew my feelings about Bondo were heartfelt,  “NBA..how to get more coins in pool” (which, btw, sounds like a useful activity to pursue) seems to really be taking it to the next level:



And then there are these words that every blogger longs to hear:

Isn’t that thoughtful?!!!  I wonder what this person’s social media friends are like?  Are they way into Mod Podge? !!!


Ohhh……well….I guess they have time on their hands……but going forward you’ll understand, I hope, if none of my tutorials require the use of a file or craft knife……

But what really makes life worthwhile is knowing that my blog is growing and reaching new people!

For instance, there is this lovely comment from a “first time visitor.”  I’m so glad I could help them and I look forward to seeing how they use my posts to help others!

But, on further investigation I just feel like my content may not line up with their readerships’ interests:

Again, though – it’s really all about community!

That’s all for today folks.  Keep those cards and letters coming!

11 thoughts on “From the Mailbag!”

  1. Usually I have some kind of comment or reaction for your latest post, but dad gum, yah got me this time, Sparky. Your new “friends” are really bringing something new, interesting and beyond my roadhouse and I am a bit flumoxed to think of something to say, other than saying, you do us all a favor by monitoring the replies you receive.
    And for that, we humbly thank thee.

  2. Oh my. I live a sheltered life I guess. What “interesting” comments. Hope you know that there are lots of us who simply enjoy your creativity and your ability to write about it. AND – your ability to put a positive spin on some … unique .. (OK words have failed me).

  3. OMG!…. It’s my birthday today, the big one. No, bigger. No, still much bigger. Now you’re getting close, but bigger still. Yes THAT older than dirt, way, WAY over the hill one. Plus 4. It’s a gloomy, rainy, cold winter’s day and somewhat
    depressing. So, thank you SO much for this post. Can’t tell you how hard I’m laughing right now. You crack me up!!

  4. I feel that my posts are so inadequate now. That was a hoot and a half, David! You do attract a large and “varied” audience.

  5. Seriously? You nonchalantly cast about descriptive terms such as ‘smooth backsides’ and are surprised from whom you attract correspondence?

  6. Oh my gosh, those are a riot (the grammar! the word choice! the utter ridiculousness!) and your words about their words are gold!! 😂😂😂

    This kind of stuff cracks my family up. I’m talking snorting laughter, man. I can’t wait to show my husband and kids!

    And um….I just read my comment and hope it doesn’t sound bot-ish or anything. 🤔

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