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Haunted Halloween Lamp

I know, I know.  Halloween is OVER and we’re all supposed to have moved on to Christmas.

But, as I’ve shown on several other occasions, I am nothing if not seasonally out of synch.

And I had this idea for a quickie Halloween decoration idea and just didn’t want to wait another year.

It came together fast (it had to, the sun was setting and I had about an hour to get it made, staged and photographed).

So, apparently, Halloween, to means “things that light up” and, more specifically Victorian people with glowing eyes (Cheltenham Road – We have one idea and we’re sticking with it!!!!)

For this I used:

  • Thrift Store Lamp
  • Pictures printed on my laser printer
  • Mod Podge
  • Foam Brush
  • Flat black spray paint
  • Craft knife

I’d picked up this lamp from a thrift store for $6

I removed the shade and did a quickly spray paint job on the base (flat black)

I had all my gloomy Victorians from my Glowing Eyes Candle Jar project so I put together a couple of quick collages and printed them out on my laser printer (you can find links to get some of the pictures in the Glowing Eye Candle Jar tutorial)

I use Photoshop for this sort of thing just to be able to move quickly but the same could be done with individual print outs of the pictures

The shade was 10” high so I just worked in sections and printed out on legal sized paper.

After cutting out their eyes (it’s what I do!),

I spread Mod Podge on the shade and smoothed the paper into place – continuing around until the shade was covered.

It happened to be 102 degrees in LA so everything dried alarmingly quickly.  If you live in a part of the country with non hell-like temperatures in October your drying times may vary.

I added a little bit of ribbon trim around the top and bottom of the shade to finish it up.*

After putting it all back together (and crossing my fingers that the thrift store lamp actually worked….something I had neglected to check)  I was done.

Glowing eyes 2017!

OK!  On to Flag Day!  I have some awesome ideas for glowing flags…..

*just to be honest, the ribbon is just taped in place.  A glue gun would be perfect for this task but I may or may not have thrown mine away after one too many unfortunate encounters with really hot glue.

15 thoughts on “Haunted Halloween Lamp”

  1. David, I hate to break it to you but Halloween isn’t over yet. No you can’t eat all the “leftover” candy. It is too soon!

  2. Thanks for always making me smile and thanks for the great lamp shade idea…I’m sure you thought of putting colored cellophane where their creepy eyes should be, to up the scary factor. Also, since the lamp DID work (you’re so funny), the trim needs my favorite add on, fringe along the edge….perhaps something filmy, like spiderweb crochet. Love your ideas!

    1. Both of these ideas a great! Thank you. I was trying to think about how to make their eyes a different color and that would totally work. And who doesn’t like fringe (well, i guess I don’t like it enough to have on hand but I’m not anti-fringe or anything). I’m actually thinking these could be a fun product for in-person shows next Halloween so I’m gonna grab your ideas for next year. Thanks!

  3. seriously love this! You lined them up perfect for the shade. and i have a shiny brass lamp, same style out in the garage. dont know if mine works either or not. lol.
    ps. ive been burned one too many times also, shew people that dont do crafts will never understand that hot, lingering, sticky pain! lol

  4. So cool and spooky!! I think I’ll have to try this for next year! I might use spooky cats with their eyes cut out! HA!HA!
    Thanks for the cool idea!!

    1. ohhh, I like that! (not cutting out cat’s eyes….well, I mean I do like the idea of cats with glowing eyes but I don’t want to appear to be endorsing the idea of cutting out cat’s eyes…you know what I mean?….bottom line – cool idea!)

    1. Hey Jo Ann – it has been…..nuts around here. There have been no Christmas projects/ideas that got past the “gosh I wish I had time to do that” stage. And “blog post” keeps falling to the bottom of my daily “oh-my-god-I-have-to-get-this-done-today!” list. But I swear I’ll be back soon with some kind of a post.

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