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Easy Halloween Garland

The other day I was wandering around at Michaels enjoying perusing all the Halloween stuff* and lookng for inspiration.

I did come across this – which made me think that perhaps someone needed a refresher course on how, exactly “clearance” is supposed to work…**

and I was about to leave when I stumbled upon these:

“Interesting!”  I thought.

“What would you do with them?”  I wondered.

“Oh!  They light up!” I realized

“I MUST HAVE THEM!!!!!”  I decided.

In truth, I was partially motivated to purchase them because they were 30% off and I had 20%-off the-entire-purchase coupon burning a hole in my pocket.

…..of course they were only $2.99 to begin with so I may not be vacationing on my savings but it still felt like I’d successfully played the system!

So, since I had no plan I must apologize for the fact that this isn’t one of those projects that has a nice, pretty, organized picture of “all the stuff you need.” I just kind of made it up as I went along.

But here is what I ended up using:

  • Light Up Coffins (why not?!)
  • Waverly Craft Paint and Brushes
  • Velum Paper
  • E600 glue
  • Eye screws
  • Black spray paint
  • Ribbon

I am lucky to have a lot of paint on hand courtesy of the good folks at the Plaid Ambassador Program and for this project I used their Waverly Super Premium Line of paint and brushes.

(OK, I try not to be too “salesy” but I really do love this paint and these brushes.  The paint comes in great colors, goes on beautifully in one coat and the various brushes are the perfect size for a lot of different projects)

After removing the hardware I painted the lids and boxes in alternating colors.

So far so good.

I decided that, while I loved the “lights up” aspect, you could actually see the bulbs and it didn’t look quite right to me.

So I grabbed some Velum paper which would add a frosty look and diffuse the light.I traced the inside of the lid

cut it out and stuck it in place with just a little spot of E6000.

I had decided at this point that they would make a cool garland and, after painting some eye-hole screws black and screwing them into the top I hung the whole set on a black ribbon.

They look just fine as is but they pop quite a bit you light them up (it’s hard to get a picture partly because the lights themselves flash and change colors and one always seems to be cycling off while the others are cycling on)

Ah! there we go!

So this is the first of what I hope are several Halloween themed ideas I’ve had lately so stay tuned.

*I can’t help on occasion, when perusing the shelves  at Michaels, picturing the Chinese factory workers looking at all  this stuff that they know is headed to America and thinking “those people are very weird.”

** also, sorry, am I wrong that when I think of “clearance” prices a 50 cent savings (regardless of how you’ve filled out the price sticker) isn’t exactly what I have in mind?


8 thoughts on “Easy Halloween Garland”

  1. What a great idea! I saw those coffins and, like you, didn’t like that you could see the bulbs. Never thought of vellum paper. Thanks for the idea. And you are right, 50 cents off is NOT a clearance price! lol

  2. Those are cool! Vellum is so versatile.

    50 cents more is not clearance. The way I read the price, it’s an increase.

    I’m almost finished my Halloween and Fall decor.


  3. I’m glad that I am NOT the only one who has wondered what the poor sweatshop workers in China think about the Americans who are buying what they are making. Can you imagine how bizzare, especially when some items are so cultural? Or even more bizzare when they are making items that other Americans would consider very strange?
    Of course, I love your idea, but money is especially tight right now, so no buying, unless the prices are exactly like tag sale prices, about 25 cents, which adds to the sweatshop cycle. Sigh….

  4. Love your idea, as usual. You reminded me of a time when I was shopping at the local home improvement store. Their motto was “Save big money at blankety-blank.” I found an item on sale. It was a penny less than the regular price. Big money, indeed!

  5. Every holiday I think about those workers in some isolated foreign factory wondering why in the world a bunch of crazy Americans want ___________. How in the world do you explain Halloween crafts and decor?!

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