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What I Didn’t Do On My Summer Vacation

I seem to have accidentally taken a mini summer vacation.

It wasn’t a plan I assure you.

But do you ever pick up a crafting magazine or watch a craft-oriented TV show and, as the host is talking, think to yourself “OK, why would anyone make that!!!?” or “yes, you can make that but, really…..should you?”

I’ve had that response numerous times and I think I know the answer.


Ever since Midsummer Scream I’ve just making coasters, filling store orders and desperately thinking:

“Any minute now, I will do something really interesting ……”

…..but I haven’t.

I mean, I’ve made stuff – but it’s the stuff you’ve all seen before (or variations thereof)

A customer had me make up a bunch more of my Airport Code Coaster designs (which I really do love to do)

The Mystic Museum requested a set of Fortune Teller Coasters for their shop

I had some new Halloween trays for Midsummer Scream

I did get some new displays made for my local stores.  Hopefully these will help with sales:

But nothing really splashy, new or tutorial-worthy.

I do have at least one very good excuse for my lack of forward momentum

Every time I sit down to have lunch this happens:

(he’s snoring by the way)

I mean, yes, I could sit somewhere else but, seriously, how could one resist this?

But this blog post is my commitment!  NEW (or new-ish let’s not go crazy) is coming!  Interesting is coming!

… soon as I wake up the dog…..

About cheltenhamroad

I’ve been surrounded by amazingly creative people my whole life. My mom can, and does, make anything. The family has on occasion speculated that she just whipped up my dad one day when she discovered some left over fabric and stuffing. My three sisters have mad skills ranging from needlework to cooking to out and out ART. My father’s desk when I was growing up had a model train set going around it, oh, and he made that desk-from scratch. I’m the youngest and, as you can imagine, it’s a hard series of acts to follow. Truth be told, I’ve spent many, many years suppressing the creative instincts I learned at home. But I realized (rather late in life) that few things bring me more joy than making and creating. For the longest time when I went to stores I didn’t think, “I want that” I thought, “I can make that.” And, with a deep breath and a leap, I’ve started on a very new, kinda scary path. I’ve given up my steady, dependable (dull!) corporate life to spend my days happily humming away in my garage designing, creating, painting, decoupaging and sawing and, since this blog will be an honest take on things, there is also a fair amount of tripping, spilling and swearing. Through this blog I hope to share with you the struggles and (hopefully) triumphs of a very non-businessy business person. I also hope to make this blog a resource for people who like to work with their hands and who are, like me, always looking at things and thinking “I could make that!” I’ve lived many places since I left Cheltenham Road; I currently live in Los Angeles California. So, with this preamble- Welcome to Cheltenham Road! Please come on over and make yourself comfortable – the place is always open.

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  1. I’m waiting…I’ll hold Pi. 😉


  2. it’ll hit you soon! I really like the new display. And such a cute puppy!!!!

  3. Why would you need to do something else when your coasters are just the best? The display stand is great… so professional. As for dogs, I think they are wonderful and the time you spend sitting with Pi is good for you!

    • Thanks Julie. But part of the idea of the blog is to try out and share new ideas. I’m afraid a weekly blog of “I made more coasters” would get a bit old after a while (for everyone). And yes, Pi is very, very good for me (as is Pie come to think of it….)

  4. Maybe you can *really* take a vacation. Get away from it all and just go somewhere for a week–no crafts following you around. I bet that will spark the creative juices and motivation when you return. At least it always seems to help me. But like Julie said, your coasters truly are the best. Do you have any that are Native American themed?

    And Pi is such a cutie! Whatever happened to that cat that sat at the back of your garage and growled or something??

    • Sadly, Zen-Cat Assassin met an unfortunate fate with a car. He wasn’t mine but I really do miss him. He was the only cat I every actually liked.
      A vacation sounds good but it’s not in the cards at the moment but you’re right I should take a few more breathers now and then just to clear my head.
      And I’m afraid, I haven’t come across any Native American themed ideas. The trouble when you’re kind of the “vintage guy” is that a lot of vintage is a bit, um…..racist.

  5. Your displays stands rock! I love all the new coasters. The airport ones are very unique. As for the new puppy, AWWWWWWWWW he’s adorable. I’m so glad you have him, he needs you. 🙂

  6. Jo Ann Bastanjoo

    I’m so glad you finally posted! I was worried that something bad had happened in Ohio. Your coasters etc are wonderful! Wish you’d do a plaque with the “indecisive squirrel.”

    Pats to Pi. Any time you spend with a dog is GOOD–for both of you!

    • Don’t be silly…. something “bad” is always happening in Ohio (this from Ohio’s arch football enemy, Michigan). But rivalries aside, I miss new posts here. I was beginning to think he threw in the towel.

      • Hey now!!! no need to bring up Michigan and ruin our beautiful friendship…..
        And I apologize for leaving you hanging. I do have some more ideas and will endeavor to be a bit more on top of it.

    • Sorry to have worried you Jo Ann (I get that way about some of the other bloggers I follow too). Good idea about the plaque! Why not!

  7. Hey, stop kicking yourself, it isn’t becoming and it just shows that you do not recognize your creativity. You are very talented, stop riding yourself, silly.
    Pi is trying to school you to snore and take it easy. Gosh, you are such s nincompoop sometimes…LOL

    • Very kind of you Susan. I wasn’t so much kicking myself as frustrated. The blog is my chance to step away from the assembly line of making coasters and such and I get annoyed when I don’t make the time to try out new stuff.

      • Isn’t nincompoop a GREAT word? How could anyone be upset with such a silly, funny word?
        Sorry to read about Zen Cat…sigh

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