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July, when everyone’s thoughts turn to…..Halloween?

July is always an interesting month.

I’ve been working on a lot of custom orders for stores.

Just finished up some fun subway art products for a great little shop called The Red Stable in the German Village section of downtown Columbus

But I always feel like “it’s summer!  I should chill!”

In reality, however, July and August have to be the staging ground for all things fall.

Year after year I find this hard to get my head around – particularly when it’s over 100 degrees outside.

But facts are facts so won’t you join me in getting ready for Halloween,,,,, in July.

Particualrly motivating is my participation in the upcoming Mid-Summer Scream Festival in Long Beach.

It’s a huge, two-day show at the convention center and a great motivator for getting my act together.

I’m trying to come up with some new stuff (ideas have been percolating for a year so, by all means, wait until two weeks before the show David…sigh….)

I’ve been re-thinking, re-designing and rephotographing my vintage Halloween coastersVintage Halloween Drink Coaster Set by Cheltenham Road

They are currently on Etsy as a set of six but I’m thinking of changing them to my more standard set of four.  But which four?! It’s always hard to choose.

And my Dollar Store Glowing Eye Candle Holders (click the link for a tutorial) were a hit last year so I plan to make more Glowing Eyes Candle Holders for Halloween by Cheltenham Road

But I don’t want to offer exactly the same thing so I’m looking for ways to change them up a bit


I’m experimenting with painting the inside of the holder itself – to add brightness and make the eyes even more disturbingly glowy

And I enjoyed the results last Halloween when I used the Folk Art Painted Finishes to create the mossy effect on a dollar store skull. so I thought I’d see what I thought of it here

I like that it gives it all a greenish glow.  And you can see a bit more of the detail of the “moss” effect in this picture

But my jury is a bit out actually.

The product works great I’m just not sure it’s quite what I’m going for.

Or maybe it just doesn’t go with clowns but will look awesome with creepy, old Victorians?Glowing Eyes Candle Holders for Halloween by Cheltenham Road

I was also thinking about wrapping the top in some sort of funereal black ribbon or cloth.

What do you think?

All I know for sure is that I really need to crank the AC cause there is nothing Halloweeny about sweating……unless you’re wearing a Wookie costume I guess……





13 thoughts on “July, when everyone’s thoughts turn to…..Halloween?”

  1. I think you should come up with two additional images for your Halloween coaster sets. Then you could sell two different packs of four coasters (take two away from your 6 pack set and add two new to them). It could create additional sales as people may want all 8 and buy both packs. Just a thought.
    I do like the yellow inside of the candles for the glow. Instead of mossy colors, maybe reds? or dripping red like blood for the clowns?? (circus color)
    Just my two cents worth. I always am happy to find one of your posts.

  2. I also wonder about making a creepy clown collection…clowns and their freak show friends. I agree with blood…maybe bloody tent stripes? Just thinking out loud 🙂 I’m a fan, regardless!

  3. Thank you for the clown warning. Yikes!! I would never be able to close my eyes (or even blink) if one of those clown luminaries were around. But then, I guess you hit it outta the park since it’s for Halloween. Great job! (shiver)

  4. The creepy clowns are really horrible, but the spooky Victorians are more palatable to me. I think they are perennials–no need to change them up, just maybe get some newer/different poses. I also really like the moss on the skull.

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