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Galvanized Metal Tray Makeover and Jet Lag

I’ve come (back) from the Land Down Under!

It was a great trip.  I saw amazing sites, drank a lot of beer, watched a lot of tennis and truly enjoyed my first full-fledged vacation in years.

Australia maintained its reputation for vicious insect attacks (I stepped on a bee at the beach).  Fortunately the area is named “Manly Beach” and my response to was, I assure you, very Manly.

Sometimes men emit high pitched screams.  We can do that.  Don’t judge.

I also discovered that I no longer tan.

I used to.  I used to turn a nice olive color but now I just become bright red and then, overnight,  it fades back to my natural color, Pasty Accountant White (part of Sherwin Williams new spring color collection).


I flew back on Friday and discovered Michaels Craft Store was celebrating my return with one of their super-rare 60% off coupons (thoughtful!)  so I dragged my severely jet-lagged self to the store.

I’d intended to just stock up on a supply item but stumbled across this metal tray michaels-tray-makeover

And for 60% the cost came down to $10 and my, admittedly somewhat addled, mind saw possibilities!

It’s a cool tray but, being  me , I thought it could use some graphic enhancement and had been curious to see if the polycrylic technique I’d tried with my yardstick tray  and Halloween candle holder would work on metal.

Back home I got right to work (…after accidentally falling asleep for approximately two days…..)!

I pulled some bicycle graphics from the ever-reliable Graphics Fairy (her blog is also the source for the polycrylic transfer method)graphic-fairy-bicycle-imagegraphics-fairy-bicycle-ad

and did a little mixing and matching in Photoshop to get the look I wanted.crescent-bicycle-tray-master-2017

Of course, as always, the tray was larger than my printing capabilities so, after reversing the graphic, I printed it out in three sections on my laser printer (I just use plain old Staples brand legal sized paper for this).diy-metal-tray

The transfer method is the same as for the signs.

I laid down a nice layer of polycrylic on the bottom of the trayMetal Tray Makeover with Image Transfer

I laid the pieces in place, smoothed them down with a brayer, wiped away any excess polycrilic and…..went back to bed.

After letting it dry overnight I began to rub away the paper with a wet cloth until the image was

It worked great!  galvanized-tray-makeover-project-by-cheltenham-roadIt actually worked a little too great and I had to go back in and rub really hard to remove some of the image to get the distressed look I wanted.image-transfer-on-metal-tray-from-michaels-crafts

I think this opens up a lot of fun possibilities.  My image is black and white but I’m quite sure colors would work just as well.

And now I must go back to factory mode for a short while.  200 coasters due at a store and my sister Sally arrives on Thursday for a visit!

10 thoughts on “Galvanized Metal Tray Makeover and Jet Lag”

  1. love the tray!

    welcome back from Oz! glad you had fun in spite of the bee. sounds like you burn like me, further evidence we’re related in some cosmic way. lol


  2. as usual, great products, creative ideas, funny stories and, last but not least, always willing to share what you’ve learned and know. Wish you lived next door, we would be best buds!

  3. A belated welcome-back! I’ve always wanted to visit Australia–glad you were able to add that continent to your repertoire (sp?)… Interesting that your technique works on metal as well.

  4. Polycrylic? Missed that one, have got to try it, sounds easy, sort of. Love that tray, was just there yesterday but didn’t see it.
    So envious of your trip to Australia. Have always wanted to go there since reading several books about it when first discovered and English prisoners sent there. Plus when being a Senior Companion had client from Melbourne, she used to tell me about surfing and swimming as a kid. At time she was my client she was 94, quite a character. Also subscribe to few bloggers from Australia. Love it when they show photos of their area.
    My Dad was self taught oil painter. Didn’t inherit that talent but do love to craft, sew, fix up old furniture, etc. Hubs and I are 75 and me 76, been married over 48 yrs.
    Glad I clicked on your post in blog party. Think I need to subscribe if you don’t mind.
    Enjoy rest of week

    We live west of Grand Junction, CO, few miles west in rural area. That’s on west side of Rockies. Til next time.

    1. Welcome and thanks so much for swinging by.
      Yes, please do try the Polycrylic method – I learned it from The Graphics Fairy and it is so dang easy and works so well. If you do try it please snap some pics I love to see what other folks do.
      And congrats on 48 years! That’s terrific!

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