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Father’s Day Photo Frame

Happy Father’s Day to everyone!!!

The other day I posted my Father’s Day idea for Mod Podge Rocks.

It was a fun, insanely easy and I know my dad would dig it but  it’s not what he’s getting because

  • A) I’m not going to try to figure out how ship a 3 foot long sign,  and
  • B) I had a totally different idea in my back pocket.

A bit of background first.

My dad’s pride and joy for most of my life has been his classic 66 Mustang (I mean I’m sure my mom, sister’s and I rank in there somewhere but let’s be serious it was a maroon 66 mustang with a wooden steering wheel and a great stereo system).  Other cars came and went but the Mustang endured.

When my folks downsized dad realized the best choice was to let his beloved car go.

He’s never talked about it but I’m sure it wasn’t a fun decision.

Anyway,  a few months ago while I was visiting my sister’s and I did what we often do: poked around in local antique malls.

We move in a clump around these places pointing out stuff  and I think we all saw this at once.Vintage 66 Mustang Dash Panel

It’s the dashboard from an old Mustang.

While I just had a little jolt of “how cool,” Phebe and Paula immediately started riffing on ideas about what it could be turned into (they are REALLY good at that game).

In all honestly I can’t remember which of them landed on “picture frame”  but we all agreed it was a great idea.  And then they volunteered me to figure out how to do it.

Paula gathered some pics of all of them when they were a bit younger and I got to work.

After cleaning it thoroughly I wanted to create a backer for the pictures to attach to so I flipped it over and traced out the shape.

It proved to be a bit difficult since it’s an odd shape with a lot of little bump ups and such.  It’s almost as if the original designers never once thought about the fact that one day some nut-job would want to turn their dash panel into a picture frame.  Selfish.

Anyway, the final result was a bit crude but it will do.Fathers Day Photo Frame Gift by Cheltenham RoadI then marked  out where the photos would goTrash to treasure Mustang Frame and attached them to the backer using a glue stick.Fathers Day Gift by Cheltenham Road

Then came the tough choice.

Paula had provided me with one pic each of the sisters but now I had to choose my own.

So many options……

I  could go for cute me-at-my-sister-s wedding pic – rocking my ring bearer ensemble.weddingI could choose from the  upsettingly large selection of shots from the permanent “awkward” phase which followed.

Perhaps Squinty Mr. Big Tooth me would appeal?squinty mcbucktooth

(don’t worry as soon as I saw the results of this disastrous 2nd grade photo day I totally fired my stylist)

Moving forward in time I could go for the “no I don’t get beat up a lot at school why do you ask?” shot of me in all my Star Trek finest.gets beat up

(Yes, those are white denim  Star Trek jeans.  No, you can’t borrow them)

Alternately 70s Fashion Victim, Farrah haired me wasn’t exactly the way I wanted to memorialize myself70s victim

Or I could keep more in theme with the sister pics and go for the I’m Done With High School/I’ve Grown into my teeth but am still trying to catch up with my nose– me.high school grad

I chose that last one.

Unfortunately, unlike my sisters (have I mentioned their older than I am?) I was born in a time when color photography had been invented so I need to change my shot to black and white to make it match.

Once everything was in place I was all set.Using a vintage Mustang dashboard as a picutre frame for Fathers Day by Cheltenham Road

It can sit on his desk or hang on the wall.  A reminder of his favorite car and those other people that kept hanging around wanting to borrow it.Fathers Day Gift using vintage mustang dash board for picture frame by Cheltenham Road

(word of advice for you.  NEVER try to learn how to drive stick shift on a car that was made in the 60s, lacked power steering and was possibly better-liked than you)

I hope he enjoys it!

Happy Father’s Day to all of you out there!

13 thoughts on “Father’s Day Photo Frame”

  1. Very cool frame!!!

    If it makes you feel better, I had jeans with a big picture of Shaun Cassidy on the flared bottom. And, I thought it was cool to wear it with a Shaun Cassidy t-shirt, plus a Shaun Cassidy faux satin jacket. Until a boy with the initials, S.A. made fun of me. I cried. Riding on my banana seat bike. Big basket and a bell.

    My first car was a ’66 Chevy II–no power steering or brakes. Thankfully, it was an automatic.


  2. So I’m late in replying but in my world, this is actually early. I had to wonder…. were one of your earlier photos already in the dashboard originally when the driver looked down, screamed and wrapped the car around a tree? (I had to stifle a gasp when I saw that Star Trek photo – you went where no man has gone before). And how amazing that the same dashboard would be scrapped and come into your possession for even more tinkering! The universe has a wicked sense of humor.

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