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DIY Photo Display and Global Economics

Easy DIY Photo Display Project Cheltenham RoadSo, one of the symptoms of my DIY-illness is that I seldom see something in a store and think “I should buy that!” Instead I almost always think “I want to make that.”

I also want to drop everything and make it RIGHT NOW!

That’s fine but the downside is that I often find myself really, really chomping at the bit to make my version of something that is already being mass-manufactured overseas – which can feel a bit silly. I’m not keen on falling into the category ofwhy make itBUT! (you knew this was coming)

When you DIY it you can customize to make it your own.

That’s my justification and I’m sticking to it.

Such was the case when my friend Aimee pulled me into Michaels, pointed at one of those Maker Market photo display and asked if I could make one for her but in different colors.

“HAH! Perfect justification!” thought I – and got to work. The project also doubled as my latest Mod Podge Rocks Tutorial – so you can see all the steps if you are so inclined.  Spoiler Alert: There aren’t many.

It proved to be fun and sooooo easy and versatile that I actually made several. Some using scrap book paper,Easy DIY Photo Display Tutorial

some using prints of old postcardsPhoto Display Tutorial by Cheltenham Road

and some just painted and distressed.

Shape, size, color – they sky is the limit on these!  So why buy them?!

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14 thoughts on “DIY Photo Display and Global Economics”

  1. I absolutely love you and this blog. Highlight of my morning. I know exactly what you mean!!! We just cannot help ourselves can we!?!? Keep calm and craft on!!!

  2. David….I do the same thing. I see something I love in a store and think….’well yes I could just buy it but it seems so simple that I feel guilty for not making my own’ Soooooo numerous hours and dollars later I usually have a replica that looks like it was made by a blind child. But, I soon forget that when I see the next thing that I am positive I can make and so it goes…. glad I am not alone. And girls…I get thirdsies.

  3. Love your humor, wit ,imagination and skills = great blog
    Just a little typo on photo title EASY DIY PHOTO DISLAY caught my eye
    Keep on truckin’ Wishin you continued success

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