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My Christmas Decorations Are Still Up

Soooooo….my Christmas decorations are still up


I have a good justification reason!

OK, here’s the deal. The holiday season was great for me business-wise. Busy, busy, busy. So….yay!

However, I seem to be Seasonally Creative -by which I mean the ideas for a season only seem to really flow DURING that season. That’s fine but it always leaves me running way behind. Everyone else in blog-land is posting great Christmas ideas when I’m still eating my left-over Halloween candy

It’s a problem.

So, I decided to use the post-holiday time to get in gear for next year and I left my decorations up so I could snap pictures.

See? Perfectly justified!  It has nothing to do with laziness or a childlike need to make Christmas last forever.  Also a certain sister who shall remain nameless has not yet sent presents and as I’m sure they are coming AT ANY MOMENT I wouldn’t want to open them in a non-holiday setting.  Just sayin’

So now, please allow me to share ideas that I won’t elaborate on for 12 months.

I’ve wanted to test out how my new Lenk tool worked when transferring color images (spoiler: GREAT!) and I thought I’d make a stand for the cake pops I serve each year at my holiday dessert party.

I made a design based on a vintage record album cover and used one of those one dollar wood plaques from Michaels.Retro Style Cake Pop Stand Project Cheltenham Road

I maaaaay need to rethink where the holes go. It kinda looks like a sniper took Santa out.

(no I didn’t make those cake pops – Thanks Starbucks! Yes, I did eat those cake pops….somebody had to)


I keep being tempted by those cheap wooden sleds they sell at Michaels each year and when I found one at 70% off I saw my chance!Tutorial Christmas Sled Project

I wanted to see if I could vintage it up to make a kind of serving pieceChristmas Sled Serving Piece Cheltenham Road

I think it has possibilities.


Over the years I’ve collected those ubiquitous apothecary jars and, like others before me, filled them with ornaments. They look fine but I was getting a bit bored. I thought, ‘why not use some scrap wood blocks and scrap wrapping paper and to change things up a bit?’A New Idea for Christmas Apothocary Jars by Cheltenham Road

I also cut up a paper bag and some printer paper for that “brown paper packages tied up with string” look.*Easy DIY Christmas Decoration Apothocary Jars Cheltenham Road


And finally , for some reason, I keep seeing in my head just letters spelling out the word HOLIDAY. (no this is not a “war on Christmas” thing. I just really like the word Holiday. I like the movie “Holiday” with Cary Grant. I like saying “holiday.” I wish I was English so I could, when leaving on a trip, announce grandly that “I’m going on Holiday.” It’s just a great word!)Holiday Sign

I figured they could stand on their own or maybe as a banner/bunting thing.HOLIDAY Bunting Vintage Christmas Style Cheltenham Road

And I have about a dozen more ideas as well although I may not get to those. I’m a little Christmassed out here in January. I’ve reached that tipping point where the decorations go from “how fun! and festive!!!” to “get this crap out of my house!”

Happy 2015 everyone!


*when did that “My Favorite Things” song become a Christmas song? They kept playing it on the radio this year. I mean, I get it….mittens, packages, snow on my eyelashes….but I don’t recall it being Christmas in the movie.

About cheltenhamroad

I’ve been surrounded by amazingly creative people my whole life. My mom can, and does, make anything. The family has on occasion speculated that she just whipped up my dad one day when she discovered some left over fabric and stuffing. My three sisters have mad skills ranging from needlework to cooking to out and out ART. My father’s desk when I was growing up had a model train set going around it, oh, and he made that desk-from scratch. I’m the youngest and, as you can imagine, it’s a hard series of acts to follow. Truth be told, I’ve spent many, many years suppressing the creative instincts I learned at home. But I realized (rather late in life) that few things bring me more joy than making and creating. For the longest time when I went to stores I didn’t think, “I want that” I thought, “I can make that.” And, with a deep breath and a leap, I’ve started on a very new, kinda scary path. I’ve given up my steady, dependable (dull!) corporate life to spend my days happily humming away in my garage designing, creating, painting, decoupaging and sawing and, since this blog will be an honest take on things, there is also a fair amount of tripping, spilling and swearing. Through this blog I hope to share with you the struggles and (hopefully) triumphs of a very non-businessy business person. I also hope to make this blog a resource for people who like to work with their hands and who are, like me, always looking at things and thinking “I could make that!” I’ve lived many places since I left Cheltenham Road; I currently live in Los Angeles California. So, with this preamble- Welcome to Cheltenham Road! Please come on over and make yourself comfortable – the place is always open.

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  1. You never cease to amaze me – the sled is awesome! the packages tied up with string are beautiful! the Santa shot through with Starbucks pops is … still awesome! Great job, hope the sister comes through for you soon …

  2. OK I am in “get rid of this stuff” mode having just finished the last of the entertaining (utilizing Christmas decor) on Thursday so as they say “The Gifts are virtually in the mail”.
    I love the new ideas!!! I’m totally using some of them. You should show my sign – it’s GREAT. Thanks – Love nameless sister.

  3. You’re too funny! I enjoy following your blog and seeing the beautiful things you create. I love, love, love the ideas you’ve just shown us (what a fab little sleigh!) and will refer back here when I get in gear for next year.

    BTW, you can move up here to Canada so you can go on ‘holidays’ with us. I guess we got it from our early British background (rather than the French early settlers). My American in-laws and hubby all commented on that wonderful word ‘holiday/holidays’ too. Right now I’m pining fir my summer holidays! Just can’t wait!

    Thank you for sharing your creativity with us. I was taken with that Lenk tool that you shared in a previous post and have been searching online for just the right one. I may have to resort to one of my cross-border shopping trips to get one! I can do a short one or two night holiday hop across the border (Friday/Saturday night) and be back for work on Monday. Makes me smile thinking about it even now.

  4. My family is notorious for being late with gifts. We aren’t late with expressions of good will and cheer (phones make that easy) but we all are a bit remiss getting things to people on time. However, there is a rationale that I think explains how this can be viewed as an asset. Why, even today, I am going to mail some presents to my daughter, so how nice that even after Christmas, gifts are still arriving? What, all your friends have opened their gifts? Well, next week, my lovely girl will have presents to enjoy.
    Your welcome!

  5. We STILL have our Christmas stuff up, too! Got to get the oldest to college tomorrow, so it will have to wait a few more days. lol.

    Love the items you made, especially the sled. And, I think I have the Album you used for the cake pop holder. Don’t ask why I still have a turntable from the 80s (it works!).

    BTW, the song has been used on Christmas albums since the 60s. How do I know? Google.

    Happy New Year!

    • Oh sure. Have a question and use gooogle. Totally cheating! Much better to wonder and wonder and curse the darkness (glad to hear I’m not the only slow de-decorator and 80s hanger-oner)

  6. You always make the coolest things, even if you haven’t yet figured out that you have to start early. I swear some bloggers are making things for next Hallowe’en this week (sigh)

  7. Jackie @ Refurbished Goods

    Another post that brings a smile to my face. I think we could be related…you share the same sarcastic wit that my siblings (and passed on to my kids of course) and I share. I too love the sleigh and the ideas that are swirling around in my head for next Christmas. Don’t worry about the Christmassy stuff being up…it’ll get sorted.

  8. This was such a Fun post!!!
    Like others, I really like the red sled, but the packages are my favorites. What a great idea. They would be sweet in a basket as well. I have a friend who has, for years, had what she calls her ‘dummy’ packages under her tree early and late in the season when there are no ‘real’ gifts to open. Keeps things festive.
    I am glad I am not the only one with Christmas decorations still adding color and cheer to their home. The days have been soooooo grey here for weeks and the colors and twinkle lights burning throughout the days and evenings have been a lift to my spirit. They may not come down until Valentine’s at this rate.
    I must be related to your sister because some of my gifts that have be sent to a friend in the NorthWest are notoriously late…..not just this year, but Every year. I love her bunches, but I am just Late… she has something to look forward to when things get drab and dull in January.

  9. That’s a fabulous sled, and I love the holiday sign. Although the fact is that against the white backgrund in the photo the white letters disapear so it looks like it says “OLDA” which is what you have to be to get a chance to send gifts at the right time–and what I am in relation to that other sister,

  10. Fun stuff … as always. You need to post more!

    Here too, the scene is still red and green. But honest & true, there are two big excuses. In our blended families scenarios, kids and grand-kids have so many places to go over the “holidays”. So here, we have our day after everyone elses is over. It was s’posed to be today, the 10th, but (here comes excuse #2) didn’t happen because, I threw my back seriously out of whack last week. So not much climbing or cleaning or even just walking, has gone on around here. So, like you, I’m still noting this year’s ideas and some after holiday tips. Think I’ll just put em’ in a draft post and save all for next year 🙂

  11. Always a treat when you post! So much to love here… chockablock with holiday (lovethatwordtoo) eye candy and your always-funny take on things.

    My decorations are also still up, because I have photos to take, too, but for different reasons. With you on the “seasonally creative”, as well. Thank you for giving it a name…that is the first step, lol!! LOVE your four fabulous ideas!


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