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Into the Woods! (or Into the Weeds) A Cheltenham Road Christmas Project Journey

Christmas Tree Tutorial Cheltenham Road for Mod Podge RocksMy latest Mod Podge Rocks project is up and viewable and it’s time for trees!

I’ve been wanting to do these and imagining them but unable to get it really done due to Christmas madness.

Of course, those aren’t the trees I initially planned.

I had planned (and attempted) to make these 3D trees.Dimensional Christmas Tree Centerpiece Cheltenham Road

I thought “I’ll use bits of scrap wood! It will be affordable! Easy! Fun!”The woods are made of wood Cheltenham RoadNOPE!

I kept trying different approaches and each one just became more and more complicated. I could hear all of you saying to yourselves “well, David, listen, it’s been a fun ride but you’re clearly insane so we’re just going to step away slowly”

My problem was I wanted to make them without using specialized tools. I didn’t want to be the Norm Abraham of the Glue-Stuff-To-Wood crowd. Did you ever watch his New Yankee Workshop show? Great stuff but totally frustrating:

“let me show you how to make this. You’ll just need wood and about 5 different, highly specialized power tools that no human being except for myself has and I only have them because my sponsors provided them to me”

So I tried and …..


I just couldn’t figure out how to make them without a scroll saw.  Or a really big miter sawChristmas Tree Centerpiece Cheltenham Road

So I came up with an alternate!

I will make them in scrap wood strips and then they will go on a dowel so you could rotate them, spread them out etc!

Well, first I almost cut my hand off cutting the strips of wood.

And then I almost drilled my hand off trying to drill a hole in the center with a handheld drill (trying to avoid using the drill press).



I did come up with an alternate and I think it’s pretty fun.Vintage Wrapping Paper Christmas Trees Tutorial Cheltenham Road for Mod Podge Rocks

But I really do need to figure out how to make any of these ideas without cutting Santa’s face in half.Santa's face

I’ll keep trying!

Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!

13 thoughts on “Into the Woods! (or Into the Weeds) A Cheltenham Road Christmas Project Journey”

  1. Love the part about Norm Abram. That is the same thing that I always thought watching him make something nice. Things like I have never seen that tool at any local hardware store before or I don’t think I could afford to buy that tool even if I did find it. He certainly does have the best. Also, how did you almost cut your hand off. I thought you had the world’s most expensive table saw?

  2. I do not mind that you cut Santa’s face in half. It adds to the charm. And I like All your trees.
    What a great idea. Easy to set up, easy to store. Cheerful and colorful. Yup. I like ’em.

  3. I think your first attempts are charming and a great idea too….so, they LOOK easy to make….but if you say they are not, I will not argue, since you are the expert. But I do like them a lot.

  4. David these are brilliant! I like the simpler ones better. I also think they are a better showcase for the awesome graphics. I like seeing the terrific images. Big Santa thumbs up on this one!

  5. Once again, thank you for the laugh David. I love that you share your failures as well as your successes. Merry Christmas.

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